Sunday, 28 June 2015

Week 11 (29 June-3 July)

Fingers crossed for a healthier week! We had lots of Kohara children away last week with a vomiting bug that is doing the rounds. A reminder that children should be kept home for an extra 24 hours following their last bout of sickness to avoid the spread of germs to others. Mrs Campbell is also away sick on Monday.

End of Term Awards
These will be given out at Monday Meet Up.

Classroom Release
Wednesday 11-12.30pm
Room 18 have PE with Mr Lukes and Room 19 have Art with Mrs McHaffie.

This week Kohara children will be presenting their plays to the class over the week. Please enjoy reading favourite books from home for homework instead.

Spelling Group
No spelling words this week. Spelling will resume in Week 1 next term.

Rakaia River Celebration of Learning
Don't forget this is on this Thursday from 2-3pm in the school hall. Come along and find out more about our learning over the last two terms. Can all Kohara children also please bring a plate of food to share on Thursday - this can be dropped off in Kohara in the morning. This is part of our welcoming process - making visitors feel like they belong by sharing some kai with us.

Lost Property
Please check the classroom for any left behind clothing this week. We have had lots of jackets and jerseys left behind lately.

End of Term
The school term finishes this Friday at 3pm. Term 3 starts back on Monday 20 July.
We hope you all have a great term break - the children are really tired and with all the bugs around at present they are well ready for a rest! See you all in Term 3.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Mufti Day

Mufti day on Wednesday 24 June. Fancy dress or normal mufti. Gold coin donation to Kids Can charity. 

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Super Hero Disco

This Friday 6-7pm in the school hall. Dress as your favourite superhero. $2 entry. Glow products also available.

Spare Coat Hangers?

The PTA are urgently in need of spare coat hangers for their upcoming clothing sale on Saturday 27 June. If you have any spares at home that you would like to donate, they would be super grateful!
Please send any spares along to Kohara or drop off in the clothing box in the hall foyer. They are also still taking donations of good condition adults clothes.
Many Thanks.

Lost Sweatshirts

Layla'h has lost several school cardigans over the last few weeks. We would appreciate it if parents of the Kohara girls could please do a quick check of sweatshirts at home in case they have been muddled up with Layla'h's.
Many thanks.

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Eli's Monster Truck

This is Eli's first sewing project. He created a monster truck out of fabric which we sewed using the sewing machine and then he drew on windows and added button wheels and a very cool exhaust pipe using a straw. Eli wanted to make a soft toy and we think he has done a fabulous job adding details to it.

Banana Smoothie

We have lots of budding master chefs in Kohara at the moment. This week Theo, Joshua and Willem decided to make a banana smoothie. They each contributed ingredients to make it and they certainly looked good. They tell us they tasted delicious too!

Ben's Checkers Game

Ben decided we needed more chess sets in Kohara so he set out to create his own chess set. Along the way he modified his game to a checkers set instead as it was a bit tricky to make different pieces small enough to fit on the board. Do you like his creative idea to use buttons for the checkers?

Ben is now working on a box to keep his game in. We look forward to using it in Kohara. 

Aleah's Pillow

Aleah was inspired by some recent sewing projects in Kohara. She decided to have a go at making her own pillow and we loved the way she added detail by hand sewing on interesting shapes in a different fabric. Mrs O tested it out and she thought it was super comfy!

Seb's Tank

Look at Seb's army tank that he made as a sewing project. We always love seeing the children challenge themselves by learning new skills and we were impressed with Seb's neat and even stitches. Did you know Seb hand sewed this?!

Layla'h Creates A Dolls House

Check out the detail in Layla'h's dolls house! What a big effort to make so many small pieces of furniture to fit inside.

Owen's Art

Owen created some geometric art using ruled lines to create a variety of shapes. He then used watercolour paints to colour them in. It looks spectacular and we were impressed with Owen's perseverance as it took a long time to fill in all the spaces.

Week 9 (15-19 June)

The school disco is this Friday from 6-7pm for the juniors. Superhero theme so come dressed as your favourite superhero (or perfectly fine to come in normal clothes if you wish). $2 entry. Glow products on sale also.

Classroom Release
Room 18 have PE with Mr Lukes on Monday 11-12.30
Room 19 have Art with Mrs McHaffie on Wednesday 11-12.30

Whooping Cough
All children will have brought home a notice regarding whooping cough. Please ensure you read this information carefully.

PTA Roundabout Clothing Sale
This is a new initiative from the PTA this year so pop along to the school hall on Saturday 27 June between 12-4pm and check out a great array of adults pre-loved clothes for sale at bargain prices. A reminder that you can still drop off donations of adults clothes (must be in excellent condition) to the box in the hall foyer and the PTA would also appreciate any unwanted clothes hangers for this event. Feel free to pop any spare clothes hangers in the donation box if you can help.

Rakaia River Celebration
Our river group is having an end of term celebration of learning to share our Social Science and Science learning from Term 1 and 2. A notice will come home soon but in the meantime mark it on your calendars as we'd love to see you all there between 2-3pm in the school hall.

A fabulous effort from our spelling group last week with most children getting all their words correct. Don't forget ALL children can be practising their Essential List 1 and 2 words at home - these are words we use often in our writing. How many can your child spell?

List 1: a, and, I, in, it, my, the, to, was, we

List 2: at, but, for, got, had, he, is, me, of, on, she, so, that, then, there, they, up, went, when, you

Library day Friday
Books can be returned any time during the week.

Poetry folders needed Wednesday and Friday this week please

Friday, 12 June 2015

Go Noodle!

Stella and her Mum introduced Kohara to a really cool website called Go Noodle. We have been trying it out in class and Stella has been showing us lots of the different things you can do on it. We really like the fitness and exercise parts and it is great on a cold wet day when we can't get outside. Maybe you'd like to have a go at home - check out the link for it in our Links section of our blog!

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Week 8 (8-12 June)

A reminder that the upcoming parent interviews are for Year 4-6 children only. In Year 2 we report to parents as children reach their anniversary dates (60, 80 or 100 weeks at school) and we will contact you to make an interview time when these fall due.

Spelling Group
The children in our spelling group have been given new words this week. Remember to practise them at home during the week and to have your notebooks at school on a Friday for testing.
For children not involved with the spelling group, remember you can be practising spelling the Essential List 1 and 2 words which we listed in Week 7's blog post.

A reminder that children should have a warm jacket at school every day.

There are quite a few winter bugs doing the rounds at the moment and we are going through our tissue supplies very quickly at the moment. We would be grateful it if each family could please send along a box of tissues to help replenish our classroom supplies.

Library Day is Friday
Books can be returned any time during the week into the library containers in Kohara.

Poetry folders need to be at school for Friday please.

Parent Quiz Night
This Friday 12 June 7.20pm. See you there!

Friday 19 June 6-7pm for Juniors. $2 entry.

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

A Block Challenge

A block challenge met by James and Aleah! Looks like a chair fit for a King.

Mr Fox

Odette has done a fabulous job of sewing her very own Mr Fox.


Theo enjoys creating aircraft of many different kinds. Great detail Theo and that engine is sure to make it supersonic.

Sleep time in Zach's house??

Who knew that Zach had such fabulous sewing skills? We would buy it Zach!!


Jacob's Gran gave him a book about Egypt. So for a project he created a pyramid that has a Mummy entombed in it. Great effort Jacob.


Max's tornado fascinated Rico and Theo!

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Musical Hour

Well done to our Kohara children who performed at the Musical Hour tonight. What a great performance. We all felt very proud watching you up on stage. Well done!

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Week 7 (1-5 June)

We hope you all enjoyed the long weekend - wasn't it fabulous to have such great weather too!

Spelling Programme
Starting this week, some of our Kohara children will begin a weekly spelling programme which will be tested at school each Friday. You will have received a notice and notebook today (Tuesday) if your child is involved.

For children who are not yet starting this programme, please encourage them to continue learning the following Essential List words as these are the most commonly used words in our writing.
List 1: a, and, I, in, it, my, the, to, was, we
List 2: at, but, for, got, had, he, is, me, of, on, she, so, that, then, there, they, up, went, when, you
ALL children have regular time during the week where we practise spelling our basic sight words but additional revision at home is always beneficial.

Classroom Release
Room 19 has Art on Wednesday 11-12.30pm
Room 18 has PE on Thursday 11-12.30pm

Musical Hour
We have a number of students in Kohara who are sharing their musical talents as part of the Musical Hour on Wednesday night (3 June) from 7-8pm in the hall. You are most welcome to pop along and enjoy their performances. Hope to see lots of you there!

Quiz Night
Parents - have you got a team together? Grab some friends or family and book a table at the office for Friday 12 June 7.20pm. This is always such a fun night, the bar is open, there are laughs aplenty and you could be in to win some great prizes. Tickets are $60 which includes up to 6 team members. Come along - see if you can beat our staff teams!! Feel free to ask us if you'd like to know more.

Lost Property
This continues to clutter up our learning space!! We spend a lot of time picking up clothing off our floor and cloakroom area. Please encourage your child to check they are bringing their jerseys and jackets home each night - some days last week we handed out four or more items back to some children! Hopefully, together we can make a difference!

Coming up on Friday 19 June, 6-7pm for the juniors.

Reading Roster
We're still looking for a few more names to volunteer with returning reading books over the next few weeks. Please contact us if you can spare half an hour during the week with this (any time that suits you). Thanks to those who have already volunteered this term.

Library Day
Please remember library day on Friday. The children can bring their library books back to Kohara any time before Friday and leave them in our class library container.