Thursday, 30 June 2016

Pizza, Pie & Foodwrap Fundraiser

Keep your orders coming in for the pizza, pies and foodwrap fundraiser. Orders close next Wednesday 6 July. You can get spare order forms from the office if you need or just flick us an email and we can send you another one home.


Don't forget the disco is on tomorrow night. The junior disco is from 6-7pm with a pyjama or onesies theme (good news is they'll all be ready for bed afterwards!) $2 entry and glow products will be available to purchase. Children must be collected from inside the hall at the end.

Library Day

Pack the library books for Friday :)


Just a reminder that this Sunday is the visit to 'What Now'. Melissa has sent out an e-mail to all of you that said you would be going so please check that and confirm with Melissa your attendance.
Have lots of fun!!!

Sunday, 26 June 2016

Week 9 (27June - 1 July)

Welcome to Week 9!

Classroom Release
This week Room 19 has PE with Mr Lukes and Room 18 has Art with Mrs McHaffie on Tuesday from 11-12.30pm.

The PTA are running a disco this Friday 1 July. Junior children (Year 0-3) are welcome at the junior disco from 6-7pm and senior students (Year 3-6) have their disco from 7.15-8.15pm. The theme is pyjamas or onesies. $2 entry and glow products will also be on sale on the night.

We are desperate for some newspapers for our art area if anyone has a pile they no longer need.
Thank you also to the families who have donated puzzles, games and art supplies to Kohara. The children are loving these!

Reading Book returns
A huge thank you once again to our wonderful Kohara parents who have recently given up their time to help shelve our reading books. Your help is most appreciated.

PTA Fundraiser
The PTA's latest fundraiser is now underway - you can purchase great value pizza, pies or foodwrap. Orders are due back by Wednesday 6 July to the school office (including payment). Delivery is early next term. The eldest in the family should have brought home the order forms last week.

This is our major fundraiser for the year and it's happening in the school hall on the evening of Friday 28 October. The Big Event showcases a range of very talented performers including many of our own Waimairi parents.You get to relax and enjoy a musical showcase during the first part of the evening before the dance floor opens up and you get to boogie the rest of the night away. Make sure to book it in the diary now!

Please remind children to bring their belongings home with them after school - recently we have had a number of library bags, jackets and jerseys left hanging outside overnight. We also have two different gloves that have been hanging around the classroom for a few weeks now - if not claimed this week, they will be put in the lost property box at the hall.

Have a great week :)

Thursday, 23 June 2016


Today's newsletters include order forms for pizza and pie fundraiser as well as food wrap fundraiser. Your eldest child should have these for you today :)

Library Day Friday

Remember library books for tomorrow :)

Mufti Day Friday

Remember to come along in blue and yellow clothes for mufti day tomorrow. Gold coin donation for the Jasper Project, helping children in need. Friendship bands available to buy (costs vary up to $3.50 max). 

Wednesday, 22 June 2016


Tomorrow we will be having a inquiry day around our Social Studies Celebration Topic. The children will not have a reading book or poem. Either enjoy a night off or reread a favourite story or read their poems!
Many thanks.

Monday, 20 June 2016

Mufti Day this Friday

This Friday the Pupil Council are running a mufti day to help raise funds for an organisation called the Jasper Project which helps out children in need by providing items they might not have (togs, towels, sneakers, warm jackets etc).

There will be a mufti day on Friday 24th June - children can come dressed in blue and yellow which are the colours of the Jasper Project and bring a gold coin donation. There will also be friendship bracelets available to purchase on the day (prices range up to $3.50 max) if the children would like to buy one.

They are hoping to have a school photo of everyone in their blue and yellow clothes during the day!
A drum is being made!!!! But we need a large bucket with a lid for the bass!! C'mon Dad's clean out the garage!! If you find one we would love it!
Glad wrap rolls......paper plates!!

We have a need for glad wrap rolls and paper plates. If you have any hanging around your kitchen please send them our way.
Many thanks.

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Week 8 (20-24 June)

Welcome to Week 8!

Classroom Release
Room 18 have PE with Mr Lukes on Wednesday from 11-12.30pm.
Room 19 have PE with Mr Lukes on Thursday from 9-10.30am.

Parent Help
We would love some extra parent help in Kohara between 11-12.30pm on either Monday, Tuesday,  or Thursday on a weekly basis to help with individual projects and reading. If you are interested in helping out, please let us know what day would suit you.

Less than half the class were able to get new library books issued last week as many children forgot to bring their books back. Please ensure library books are returned in time for our library session on a Friday as this is part of our class reading programme. Books can be returned to our library containers anytime before Friday.

Parent Opportunity
Don't forget this Tuesday is your opportunity to be part of the discussion around the rebuild of Waimairi School. There are two sessions you can come along to - one during the day or one in the evening.

PTA Chocolate Fundraiser
Chocolate money or returns of unsold chocolate are now well overdue. The PTA ladies are once again kindly giving up their time before school on Monday and Tuesday this week to receive any late returns. Please return to Room 21 between 8.30-9am or send it along with your child and we will ensure it gets to the right people.

Upcoming disco on Friday 1 July. The theme is onesies or pyjamas so join the fun by coming along dressed for bed! The junior disco is from 6-7pm in the hall. $2 entry and glow products will be on sale on the night.

Have a great week :)

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Mount Hutt by Conall

Mount Hutt

I went to Mount Hutt because I went on the chairlift. It was tickly when the chairlift went on my butt. I loved the ride on the chairlift. When I got to the top of the mountain I saw a jump and I went on the jump and I was scared because I was very high and I was going to fall off. But I stopped going. My mum skied up to me because my mum was telling me it was time to go to my lesson. Then they let me out because I was good. Then I went back to my tricks and all the fun. Then all the people came out because the lesson finished. Then we got into the car.

By Conall

Matariki by Kahurangi


Matariki you find by finding an orange star and look around for a pot made out of stars. Then you look up and find two middle size stars because they are the sisters of Matariki and the big star that guides all the other stars to the right place. Matariki means the place will be warm or cold. One night I went outside and tried to find it but I couldn't. I only found the orange star.

By Kahurangi

Arrival Times

A reminder that children should not be arriving and coming into class until 8.30am. There have been several instances lately of children arriving before the teachers and waiting inside in the dark. If there was an earthquake or other emergency, this could be rather traumatic for the children if they are on their own with no adults around. If there is a reason why your child needs to be at school earlier than this, please come and let us know. Many thanks.

Monday, 13 June 2016

Jonty's Dog

Jonty has certainly been busy with his projects lately. It's great to see him trying out lots of different kinds of projects. This time Jonty learned to sew a dog. One side can be used as a toy and the other side has furry material on it to make it a small soft cushion. The furry material adds a really nice texture which feels lovely to stroke.

Izzy's Poodle

Look at Izzy's poodle! What a creative way to make the curly hair using folded paper. It's a really neat detail Izzy!

Kingston and Jonty the Bakers

Jonty and Kingston decided to bake a chocolate cake. They had to organise their own ingredients and shopping list and follow lots of instructions to make it. It looked rather tasty once they had iced it and decorated it. Their next step will be learning to do the dishes 😉

How did it taste boys?

Leon's Skytower

Leon has been working hard to create his very tall Skytower. It reminds us of the Auckland Skytower because you can bungy jump off this one too. Leon used paint and vivid to decorate his Skytower and to add details like windows and doors.

Lucy's Mouse House

After Lucy made her mouse project she decided to make a mouse house for it. This house is really neat because the front has a cage side to let in fresh air and the back part folds down so the mouse can play outside. Lucy and Mrs O had to think hard about how to make the handle strong enough and how to attach it but we think we came up with a good solution.

Kahurangi's Bunny Car

Check out the car and bunny that Kahurangi made using wood, boxes, cardboard and other construction items. Kahurangi thought really hard about how to make the wheels as she wanted to have wheels that could move do she decided to nail milk bottle lids on to the side. There are loads of other details as well!

Ella's Poodle

Look at this gorgeous poodle that Ella created. Ella used fluff to look just like the fur on a real poodle. We think it looks fabulous. It's having lots of fun in Kohara with all the other pets that have been created recently!

Jacob's Creeper

Jacob made a minecraft creeper using box construction. You can open up the tummy part and store things inside. We love the way Jacob painted his creeper so all the parts matched. It will come in handy at home.

Lucy and Amy's Ice Cream Sundaes

Yum! Lucy and Amy have been whipping up tasty treats in the kitchen. They followed a recipe to create a delicious looking chocolate sundae. It must have been good as they didn't share it with the teachers!

To make your own you need:
Ice cream
Chocolate sauce
A glass to put it in
A spoon to eat it
You could also add chopped fruit or other toppings if you like. 

Ali Sings With Us

For the last few weeks Ali Harper has been singing with us and teaching us some songs. We hope to share something with you all at a Monday meet up one day soon. We'll be sure to let you know when!

Thank you Thomas for letting us borrow your very talented mum. 

Taila the Musician

On Friday we were treated to a special piano concert by Taila. His piano song was beautiful to listen to and we thought he had obviously put in a lot of practise to get so good. Thanks for sharing your talent with us Taila.

Kingston's Pyramid

Kingston has been sharing his interest in Egyptians so he decided to make his own 3D pyramid. He had to use a net which is like a pattern or template which helped him to fold the cardboard into the right shape. Then he drew bricks and used dye to colour it before adding real sand to make it look real. If you look closely you might spot an Egyptian mummy too!

Brock's Tank

Brock created this awesome looking tank as a woodwork project. Just when he thought it was done he researched real tank pictures and noticed they had some other important details. Brock then added the milk bottle lids and ribbon to make the cannon and tracks. What a quality project Brock. The soldiers would love to have a tank like yours!

Grace's Puppet

Grace has been busy creating a hand puppet. It looks rather cute with all the neat details she has added. Next Grace and her friends thought of a great way to share the puppets - by creating a puppet theatre and putting on a show! Now that's great thinking. We can't wait to watch it.

Isaac's Stadium

Isaac has been incredibly busy working on his AMI Stadium. It has so many parts to it just like the real stadium. You can buy tickets, ice creams and hot dogs at Isaac's stadium. We love how Isaac kept working on it and were really proud of how he improved his painting to disguise the boxes he used. It looks fabulous!

Baxter's Cat

Baxter sewed this fabulous cat cushion. It's very soft and will look great on his bed at home. Baxter showed lots of perseverance with his needlework and it was great to see him adding other details to create the face.

Edward's Castle

Edward created this very cool castle out of box construction. We love the details he has added like the turrets on the roof and the drawbridge and he has since added a guard on duty by the entrance. Inside the door you can find a King and a Queen and a great picture of the inside of a castle. Quality work Edward!

Sophie's Weaving

Sophie was inspired by Lucy's weaving project and had a go at making a placemat for herself. What a practical and colourful project. It's going to be fun having dinner on that Sophie.

Jonty's Creeper

Check out Jonty's creeper project. A creeper is from the minecraft game but Jonty's one is pretty special as you can open it up and inside is a lounge for his minecraft toys to hang out and relax in! What a neat idea for storing toys.

Hannah's Card

Hannah made this very crafty card. Look at the way she made the details on the front. Can you guess how she made it look like that?

Week 7 (13-17 June)

What's happening in Kohara this week?

Lunchtime Clubs
Sewing club is on Tuesday lunchtime in the room by the library from 12.45pm.
Chess club is on Wednesday lunchtime in Room 21 from 12.45pm.
Children are welcome to pop along if they wish.

Chocolate Fundraiser
Chocolate money and/or unsold chocolate was due back last week but the wonderful PTA mums have kindly offered their time this week for any families who still need to return money etc. You can find them in Room 21 from 8.30-9am each morning this week.
The prize draws were made today at Monday meet up and how exciting to see Luke's family winning one of them! Congratulations!

Library Day 
Please send back books before Friday so children have them ready for our class visit. Thanks to those families remembering to send along the library bags as well.

Kapa Haka
Junior Kapa Haka is on Friday

Thank You
A huge thank you to those families who have donated old pillows for us to use for our sewing projects. We now have enough to last us for the next wee while but will still gladly take any donations of unwanted wool or newspapers. Thanks also to the families who have donated old puzzles and games to Kohara - the children are loving these especially on our wet lunchtimes!

PTA News
If you're interested in joining the PTA you are most welcome at our meeting this week - Tuesday 14th starting at 7.30pm in the school library. Feel free to pop along and join us. A great way to get involved in the life of the school, meet other friendly Mums and Dads, and have a few laughs along the way.

Also a huge thanks to our fabulous Kohara families who have recently volunteered to help at the Christchurch Marathon on the drinks station or at the working bee on Sunday. Our school really appreciates any extra time you can spare and it's a great way to enjoy the community feel of Waimairi School!

Uniform Sale
Tomorrow (Tuesday) is the last day if you want to pop along and grab a bargain at our secondhand uniform sale. The lovely PTA mums are running this from the hall before and after school tomorrow. Payment is by way of a donation.

Upcoming Events
The PTA are also running a disco on Friday 1 July. Book it in your calendar now :)

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Can You Help?

We would love any donations of any of the following things for the class:

* Newspaper
* Wool
* Old pillows or stuffing

Wednesday, 8 June 2016


This is a once in a lifetime chance for us all to re-shape the whole school for now and for future generations.

Internationally respected Dr Julia Aitken will be holding community workshops on...


9.00am -11.00am
and again at
7.00pm - 9.00pm

Julia is back with us again to hold a Treaty Perspective Workshop. The purpose of which is to gather input and ideas from anyone who has an interest in ensuring the renewal school honours The Treaty of Waiting on...

Thursday 30 June


Julia has worked with all the staff over a number of years and always leads really interesting and thought provoking sessions. All you have to do is put it in your diary and ring the school office to register you attendance......simple!!

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Week 6 (7-10 June)

Talofa and welcome to Week 6!

Classroom Release
This week Room 18 have PE with Mr Lukes on Tuesday from 9-10.30am.
Room 19 have PE with Mr Lukes on Wednesday afternoon from 1.30-3pm.

This week we welcome Tilly to our class. It's always lovely having new students in Kohara and we know that our Kohara children will make her feel welcome.

Reading Roster
Thanks so much to all our lovely helpers who have been helping recently to shelve our reading books in the reading room. We really appreciate your time with this.

Please make sure that children have a warm jacket at school everyday. This is especially important if there is an emergency and we need to assemble outside for a length of time. Please also ensure they are well named.

Library Day Friday - please pack the library books to be returned.

Kapa Haka Thursday

Sewing club Tuesday lunchtime
Chess club Wednesday lunchtime

Working Bee
Sunday 12 June from 9am - come along and help support the school by lending a hand at the upcoming Working Bee. Children are welcome to come along too and their is a BBQ at the end as a thank you. No experience required but many hands make light work.

Thank You
A big thank you to our Kohara parents who assisted with volunteering their time at the Chch Marathon last Sunday. It turned out to be a great day and there was a lovely community feel as we all mucked in providing drinks for the marathon runners. On behalf of the PTA, many thanks for your time and efforts.

Chocolate Fundraiser
All money and/or unsold chocolate needs to be returned by this Friday please. The PTA helpers are in Room 21 every morning before school from 8.30am to collect this.

Second Hand Uniform Sale
This will be happening on Monday and Tuesday next week with items to be sold for a donation. If you have any good condition second hand uniforms that you'd like to donate you are welcome to drop them off to us in Kohara and we'll pass them on.

Have a wonderful (short) week :)

Saturday, 4 June 2016

Farewell to Junho

On Friday we said a 'we will miss you and hopefully you'll be back for a visit' not a 'goodbye' to our student teacher friend Junho. The children shared with Junho the learning they had enjoyed with him. 'Thank you for helping me work out words at reading time' 'I like that you smile everyday' which made Junho's smile even bigger! Junho totally embraced the learning in Kohara and proved to be a champion baker...even admitting that he thought he might have had a career as a baker before he decided on being a teacher! We think you should be a teacher and a part-time baker Junho and wish you every success in your future study. 

Thursday, 2 June 2016

Farewell Junho

Tomorrow is Junho's last day with us in Kohara. Junho will leave us with many new skills including woodwork, sewing and baking!! They will look great on his CV :)

We have appreciated all the hard work that Junho has put in to plan, teach and evaluate our Kohara children and it has been so wonderful seeing his confidence grow over his 4 weeks in our room.

If you see Junho tomorrow, wish him all the best for a very exciting career ahead in teaching. The children are going to miss him!

Queen's Birthday Holiday

A reminder that school is closed on Monday 6 June - Queen's Birthday.
See you all back at school as usual on Tuesday. Enjoy the long weekend!

Library Day Friday

Please remember to pack the library books for our class library session on Friday morning.