Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Maisie and Honour's Performance

We always love being entertained in Kohara and Maisie and Honour did exactly that as they sang and danced for us. Great moves girls!

Aleah's Dog

Aleah made this very cool soft toy for her little baby sister. She had to think carefully about how to add details like eyes that were safe for a little baby. We know that babies put everything in their mouth! Aleah decided the safest way was to sew the details on. What a kind big sister you are Aleah.

Mirai's Cat

Mirai made this very cool cat for his Mum. We think she would have loved it! Look at all the details.


Sometimes it is nice to just enjoy books with a good friend.

Isla's Drink Bottle

Isla made a neat project designing her very own drink bottle out of recycled materials. She reused a coffee cup and then decorated it to make it look fancier. Then she had to do some problem solving to make it waterproof. She decided coverseal would work well!

When she tested it out she had to make a small change to stop the lid coming off. Now she has a perfect drink bottle and no one else had one like it!

Award Winners

Congratulations to our award nominees who received awards at the beginning of the term for relating to others, thinking, managing self or participating and contributing. We wonder who will be nominated at the end of this term?

Congratulations also to Aaron who won a very special trophy for trying so hard at school in class and at the afternoon programme. We were so proud to see Aaron up on stage getting his special awards!

Farewell to Sue

It was lovely to farewell Sue with our fabulous singing. We think she loved it, even if it did make Sue and the teachers cry! We also gave her a beautiful bouquet of paper flowers that we created.

Ryan's Science Experiment

Ryan decided to be a scientist and have a go at an experiment that he had never tried before. It was to make a bubbling witches brew! He needed vinegar, glitter, dish washing liquid, food colouring, and baking soda.

Look what happened when he combined the ingredients together! Lots of Kohara gathered around to watch. We predicted what might happen and then waited. It was a bit slow to start so we added more vinegar and more baking soda. 

We wondered what made the bubbles appear? What do you think?

Can you think of another experiment that is similar to this? Clue: Lava. 

Dancing Stars

Look at our amazingly talented dancing girls. We were impressed with the amount of practise the girls put into their collaborative project and by how well they persevered and worked together. They did a great job of using the space around them, changing positions so everyone got a chance to be in the front and with the timing of their moves, not easy in such a big group. We enjoyed watching it and look forward to a repeat performance now that Stella is back at school.

James the TV Presenter

James has been working hard on a very interesting project about archery. He was inspired after his Mum took him to an archery place. James wrote a report about how to do archery, published it on the iPad and made a cool background picture of an archery target. Then he put it all together and read it from our class tv, just like a real presenter on the news!

Hugo's Canvas Art

Hugo has been working hard on his sketching skills, practising drawing lots of detailed pictures. He has made a really cool canvas with some help from his friends and now other children in Kohara can use it to practise their sketching techniques.

Amelia's Cat House

Wow here is Amelia's very detailed cat house. It is just perfect for her fabric cat she sewed! We think her cat is very lucky to have such a wonderful house to live in.

Singing Superstars

Kohara was treated to some fabulous singing last week by Eli, James and Nicolas. They put in lots of practice time and it really showed in how well they knew the lyrics. We even had a repeat performance so we could all join in!


Look at Jackson and Willem's fantastic bear made from shapes. It looks 3d when you stand in front of it. It used diamonds, triangles, trapeziums and hexagons.

Lidia's Knitted Hat

Lidia has been knitting for three weeks. It is her first knitting project. She had to practise learning the stitches and how to cast off. Check out her fantastic hat. It has elastic at the back to help make it fit.