Thursday, 29 November 2018

Christmas Joy with Ali Harper

Come support Archie's Mum Ali Harper in her Christmas Show.
Look out for the red tent in the morning to buy tickets.

Friday Reminders

Reminders for Friday:

* ALL library books due back for stocktaking. Please send all books back to school - there will be no more issues for the rest of the year.

* Poetry day - please send poem folders to school.

* Swimming day - please send togs and towels.

* We are hoping to have another athletics practice with the juniors during the day so please make sure children have their sunhat at school.A few hats have also gone astray - if you wouldn't mind checking the name on your child's hat that would be great as some may have got muddled up.

* ALL class reading books also due back on Friday. We'd love a couple of helpers for returning these to the book room - if anyone has some spare time we would really appreciate this.

Monday, 26 November 2018

Waimairi Whanau Hui

Notice regarding the upcoming school whanau hui for those interested...

Join us on Thursday 29 November at 5pm by the pool for our Whānau Hui.  Bring food for your whānau and the tamariki can have a swim.  We will discuss use of te reo Māori and tikanga around the school.  We will also be planning a mihi whakatau for our new Deputy Principal and looking at welcoming events for the start of next year.   If the weather isn't fine, we will be in the library.  Ka kite koutou tērā - See you there!

Sunday, 25 November 2018

Week 7 (26-30 November)

Welcome to Week 7 :)

Classroom Release Time
Room 19 children have PE with Mr Lukes on Monday morning after Meet Up until 10.30am.

Junior Athletics 
Weather depending we are aiming to have a couple of practice sessions this week on Monday and Wednesday for our junior athletics which is coming up on Tuesday 4 December from 11-1.30pm on the school field. We look forward to seeing you there next week if you can make it. The coffee shop will be open until 1pm next Tuesday as well.

Our swimming days are Tuesdays and Fridays. Please send togs, towels and goggles along - fingers crossed we can get a swim in this week although the forecast isn't great at this stage!

Craft Club
Tuesday lunchtime 12.45pm in Room 22

Kapa Haka
Tuesday afternoon 1.30-2pm

PTA Food wrap & ECO product orders
Most of our Kohara orders were sent home on Friday - we are just waiting on one last box of baking paper to arrive. All other orders will be in individual classrooms for collection.
Thanks for supporting our PTA with these fundraisers.

Christmas Disco
This is coming up next week on Friday 7 December. $2 entry plus we ask that you please bring along a donation of either a can of food or a wrapped Christmas present for a child to go under the Christmas tree for those in need. Dress up in Christmas theme if you wish!
Junior Disco is 5.30-6.30pm
Senior Disco is 6.45-7.45pm
Children must be collected from inside the hall. Year 3 children may attend either disco, but not both.

Have a great week.

Thursday, 22 November 2018

Friday Reminders

Friday reminders:

* Swimming togs
* Library books
* Poetry folders

Vomiting Bug

There is a horrible tummy bug going around Kohara with children having vomiting and diahorrea.

Please remember that children must stay away from school for an additional 24 hours after the last incident of vomiting or diahorrea to avoid spreading this to other children in the class. Please do not send them back to school the next day.

Thank you for your support with this.

Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Sarah Gets A Letter From The Prime Minister!

Sarah got some very exciting mail from Jacinda Ardern our Prime Minister! In the photo the Prime Minister is holding Sarah's design that she sent in for her Christmas Card competition. No wonder - Sarah's design looks AMAZING!

Lola's Quality Work

Lola got spotted today doing quality work on her reading poem. We love it when we see children persevering and taking their time to produce such a high standard of work. Well done Lola.

Cecilia and Siale-Maia's Artwork

Kohara love practising their detailed drawings on the whiteboard and we loved the family pictures that Cecilia and Siale-Maia drew today. Doesn't LOVE WORLD sound like a great place to visit!

Tom Rocks Kohara!

Tom treated Kohara to a wonderful rendition of "We Will Rock You" - he had the moves and great vocals and the children were clapping along and really enjoying it. Great work Tom on conquering your nerves and sharing your singing with the class.

Harry and Atlas Make A Speed Boat

Harry and Atlas have been busy co-operating together on their latest project - a racy red speedboat! We love how they have disguised the boxes they used with their wonderful paint job. This project initiated some great conversations and team work. Well done boys.

Hot Dog Helpers

The PTA are currently needing a few more lovely people to help out on the hot dog roster for Term 1 next year. This involves being available for one Friday lunchtime  during the term to distribute the hot dog orders to the children. This is done in pairs with another volunteer. If you think you could spare one Friday lunchtime please let Monique know and she can pass on your details to the PTA coordinator.


On Thursday 22nd November Waimairi School will have the honour of looking after the Super Rugby Cup for the day! 
The cup was won this year by our mighty Crusaders and is making its way around the region for the public to see.
We will have the Trophy in the office for the duration of the school day so if you would like to come in and have a look or get a photo/selfie with it you are more than welcome to do so!
A big thanks to the BNZ Crusaders for sharing their prize cup with the community.

Sunday, 18 November 2018

Monty's Marble Run

Monty has made this wonderful marble run with several different tracks. We thought it sounded musical when he tested it out - the marbles made a lovely tinkling sound. Each marble track is slightly different so you can choose fast tracks or slower, curvier tracks.

Lucia the Gardener

Lucia has been busy with her gardening project growing all kinds of different vegetables and herbs. Can you spot a wee shoot coming up? Lucia has been looking after her seeds well giving them lots of sunshine, water and love.

Arlo's Boat

Arlo has finished refining his boat design and making it waterproof so that he can test it out in water. Hopefully it will float now that he has added a layer of plastic film to the bottom of the boat. We can't wait to see how your floating experiment goes Arlo.

Pippa and Josie's Song

Pippa and Josie had both planned to do a singing project. Then they found out that they were singing the same song so they decided to join together and do a duet. It's always great to do projects with new friends and we thought they did a fabulous job.

Atlas the Performer

Atlas took on the challenge of singing and dancing with his favourite song 'High Hopes' which is currently on the radio. Atlas was such a star. We loved how he made up all his own dance moves and had such great timing to the music. By the end of the song he had found the confidence to sing loudly whilst dancing! Awesome effort Atlas - we loved watching you.

Izzy and Sarah Singing Superstars

Izzy and Sarah treated us to a wonderful performance. We were impressed with how well they learnt the lyrics and their confidence in front of the whole class. It takes a lot of nerves to sing in front of so many people - well done girls.

Leo and Mikey Bake Muffins

Leo and Mikey made some delicious looking muffins. They enjoyed following the recipe, measuring and mixing and best of all the taste test. When they were finished they divided the muffins in half. They knew that 6+6=12 so they would get 6 muffins each to take home and share with their family. Maths is everywhere, even in baking!

Cecilia the Mathematician

We snapped Cecilia busy practising her maths using the Smartchute. Cecilia was working on her subtraction with a friend. In this game you have to take a question card, work out the answer then put it in the smart chute and check if you are right. Cecilia's brain was working hard!

Lola's Snake

Lola has been working hard on her paper mâché snake. First she had to roll the newspaper into the shape she wanted and tape it in place, then paper mâché over it. Finally she painted it and added eyes and a mouth. We loved how even though Lola had several set backs making her snake (it got lost and she had to re-start) she never gave up. That is great perseverance and wonderful growth mindset Lola!

Lochie and Jackson's Science Experiment

Can you make an egg float?

Lochie and Jackson decided to do a science experiment to find out. First they put an egg in normal water and it sank to the bottom.

Next they tested it again by adding lots of salt to the cup of water and then trying again but the egg still sank.

They wondered why it hadn't worked so they found the instructions and re-checked their measurements. They worked out they needed to add quite a lot more salt (7 tablespoons) to half a glass and mix it well before adding more water.

This time the egg floated! Success.

Lochie and Jackson left it for a few days to see how long it would float for and it was still floating a few days later!

Why do you think the salt made a difference to whether the egg floated or sank? What is your hypothesis?

Olly and Gary Monkey Around!

Look what happens when Olly and Gary stay with the teachers overnight. What little monkeys!

Can you spot them hanging out with their Kohara friends? How kind that the children in Kohara have been making them lots of buddies to play with as sewing projects.

Olly and Gary love to read. We wonder if they're planning their next projects?

Tess and her Giant Pencil

Tess created this fabulous giant pencil using cardboard, tape and paint. It actually works as it has a vivid pen hidden inside it! We love how she painted it to resemble a real pencil - well done Tess. You have put a lot of thought into this and it looks fantastic.

Week 6 (19-23 November)

Welcome to Week 6 :)

Class Swimming
This week we start our class swimming (if that rain goes away!)
Our Kohara swimming days are Tuesday and Friday. Please send togs, towels and goggles on those days. It's also a good time to check that all items of school uniform are well named to avoid mix ups in the changing rooms!

Please remember to let the school office know if your child is going to be absent from school. This saves them time from having to make follow up phone calls to you. Many thanks for your support with this - we know the office staff appreciate it.

Classroom Release Time
This week Room 18 children have Art with Mrs McHaffie on Wednesday morning from 9-1.30am.

Kapa Haka 
Matua Steve is unavailable this week so there is no Kapa Haka on Tuesday.

Showtime Performance
On Friday afternoon the children will be attending the Showtime Performance in the school hall. We are looking forward to watching our many talented Waimairi senior students in this.

Craft Club
Tuesday lunchtime 12.45pm in Room 22.

Please return books for our class visit on Friday.

Fitzroy Resthome Visit
We are busy practising our singing for our upcoming visit to the Fitzroy Resthome. This is a great chance for us to spread joy amongst our community and to give the gift of giving to the elderly residents. The children were given a paper notice last week with more information.

PTA Meeting
Our next meeting is Tuesday 20th November (this week) at 7.30pm in the school library. We would love to see some new faces so if you've been considering coming along, we would love to see you. We are a friendly bunch and there is no pressure to take on anything extra (unless you're keen to join a sub committee down the track for a specific event). We will be looking at ideas for 2019 so the more the merrier! Feel free to ask Mrs O if you have any questions.

Junior Athletics Day
This will be coming up on Tuesday 4 December between 11-12.45pm with a family picnic lunch to follow. Postponement day will be Friday 7 December. We look forward to showing off our running, jumping and throwing skills for you. We will also be holding our class relays that we missed at the senior athletics day from 12.20pm on that day.

Have great week :)

Thursday, 15 November 2018


Kohara will be visiting Fitzroy Rest Home on Tuesday 11 December. Coincidentally Mrs Campbell's mother is an inmate (whoops meant to type resident). The children will be leaving school at approx 1.15pm and returning by 3.00pm. The cost of the bus for each child is $2.40. This contribution will be added to your Term 4 account.
Many thanks
Tracy and Monique

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Tennis Thursday Morning

A reminder that we have our last tennis session on Thursday (15th November).

Please be at school promptly by 8.50am as we will be leaving straight after the roll in the morning to walk down.

Don't forget sunhats, sunscreen, and a drink bottle :)

Tuesday, 13 November 2018

School Closed Wednesday

A reminder that school is closed on Wednesday due to the Teachers Strike.

See you all Thursday bright and early (8.50am sharp) ready for tennis.

Monday, 12 November 2018

Week 5 (12-16 November)

Welcome to Week 5:)

Wednesday - Strike Day
A reminder that school is closed this Wednesday 14th November due to the Teachers Strike.
Thank you to all those who have expressed their support - we do appreciate your kind thoughts as we address getting funding for additional support for children (with both learning, social and behavioural needs) and smaller class sizes.

Friday - Canterbury Anniversary Day (Show Day)
School is closed for Canterbury Anniversary Day on Friday 16 November. We hope you enjoy the long weekend with your family.

We are scheduled to have our last tennis session this Thursday 15 November. Please ensure children are at school by 8.50am sharp as we will be leaving promptly after the roll to walk down to the Waimairi Tennis Club. Please send a sunhat, warm jersey and a drink bottle along with your child.

Classroom Release Time
Room 18 have Art with Mrs McHaffie and Room 19 have PE with Mr Lukes on Tuesday afternoon this week.

Reading Books
Please remind children to send these back to school - we collect the books from the previous week on a Monday so they can be returned to the reading room for other classes to use. If you are able to help out with shelving books, we would appreciate your time. This can be down at any time that suits you.

Calendar Art Orders
Calendars, cards and diaries went home with children today (Monday) for those families that ordered these. Please check school bags!

Junior Athletics
Our junior athletics will be held on Tuesday 4 December from 11am - 1pm. More information will be sent home in coming weeks.

Fun Run Fun!
Thanks to all our Kohara families that supported the first ever Waimairi School Fun Run/Walk on Sunday. The weather was perfect and it was so wonderful to see a good turn out from Kohara. Mrs O and Mrs Campbell enjoyed the 5km walk and seeing the big smiles on the children's faces as they crossed the finish line. Well done Kohara kids!

Have a great week :)

Sunday, 11 November 2018

International Student Day

International Student Day is Saturday 17 November. To allow our Kohara students to celebrate we are   going to encourage them to bring something from the culture they share with their family to share with us this week. Anika has been practising reading a book in French which we will enjoy but it could be anything from a photo to a greeting from their families language. This will also be celebrated at Monday meet-up this week.

Thursday, 8 November 2018

New Tennis Lesson Date

We will be visiting the Waimairi Tennis Club next Thursday morning for our catch up tennis lesson (November 15th).

We will be leaving school promptly after the morning roll so please ensure children are at school promptly for the roll at 8.50am. 

Children will need:
*suitable sports shoes
*water bottle

Library Day Friday

Please send the library books along on Friday for our class visit.

We also need ALL poem folders at school on Friday too please.

Fun Run/Walk on Sunday

Online registrations for the fun run/walk have now closed but you can still register at the red tent before school or even on the day. Bring the kids and enter the 2km or 5km run/walk.

Mrs O and Mrs Campbell will be there on the day and we'd love to see a big Kohara crowd there being active and enjoying this community event. The spot prizes sound fabulous - and if you're inspired you can also dress up! (optional).

Look forward to seeing you all there - GO KOHARA!!!!!!!

Final Day for Ordering Food Wrap and Eco Products

Friday 9 November is the last day for ordering food wrap or eco products. Please ensure you return any order forms for online orders to the office so we can match orders with payments.
Thanks for supporting the PTA fundraiser.

Reading Tonight

Hi All

If your child does not have a new reading book in their reading folder tonight please read one of their books from this week.
Many thanks.

Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Mufti Day Thursday

Don't forget that Thursday is our red and black mufti day to raise money for our Cross Country team. A gold coin donation would e appreciated.

Sunday, 4 November 2018

Week 4 (5-9 November)

Welcome to Week 4 :)

This Friday 9th November is Miss Bell's final day with us before she returns to the University of Canterbury. We would like to thank Amanda for all her hard work over the last 4 weeks in Kohara as well as her previous two weeks earlier in the year, and we wish her all the best for her continued studies. The children have really enjoyed having Amanda working with them.

Classroom Release Time
Room 18 children will have Art with Mrs McHaffie on Wednesday morning from 9-10.30am.

Mufti Day
This Thursday 8th November is our Red & Black mufti day. Gold coin donation - all proceeds going to support the team that went to Nelson for the Inter-Regional Cross Country.
Dress: Red & Black.

Craft Club on Tuesday lunchtime in R22

Kapa Haka on Tuesday afternoon 1.30-2pm

Library Day Friday

Food Wrap & ECO Product Fundraiser
Orders close this Friday 9 November. You can pay online or at the office (online order forms must still go to the office).

Waimairi School Fun Run
This is on THIS SUNDAY 11th November - have you got the family signed up?

Please support the PTA by getting a group together to enter - they do not need to be from Waimairi School to enter.

The PTA are also looking for volunteers to marshall the event so if you are not participating but could lend a hand please let Monique know or touch base with Debbie Gillett or Sarah Exon from the PTA.

Thursday, 1 November 2018

Family Fun Run/Walk

The PTA are holding a Fun Run at Nunweek Park on Sunday 11 November in support of the Health and Wellbeing focus the children are doing in class this term.
This isn’t a race, no places will be given, the emphasis is on getting out there and being active. It’s fine to walk some of the way if you can’t run 2km without stopping.
There are loads of spot prizes which will be given out for all sorts of things on the morning e.g. Vouchers for Flip Out / pools / Inflatable World etc, drink bottles, caps, t shirts, balls, frisbees etc.
Dress up is optional but would be fun – get together with others to make a team costume.
You can bring non Waimairi people too, they just need to be entered so invite neighbours, cousins etc. Don’t forget it’s for kids and adults. Prams are ok but not scooters etc.
2km or 5km events to choose from and the grounds are all flat, mostly on grass.
Entry is online and is $10an adult, $5 per child. We are also taking entries before school each morning next week at the Red tent.
Come on Kohara families - let's see if we can be the class with the most families there!!

Athletics and Class Relay Updates

The senior athletics at St James Park has been cancelled for Friday and the senior students in Year 5 and 6 who wish to trial for zone selection will do this at school instead. We will not be having our class relays tomorrow. So Friday will be a normal school day for Kohara - please send library books and poem folders along.

Senior Athletics Postponed

Update: (7am Thursday)

Senior Athletics is postponed and will now be held Friday 2 November, weather permitting.