Friday, 31 July 2015

Hi Kohara  Kids and Families
Mrs O has been keeping me up to date with all the news from Kohara and thank you for those lovely cards. I'm improving very slowly!! Please remember to look in your bag for the note that Mrs O gave you today. Enjoy your weekend. Love Mrs Campbell

Monday, 27 July 2015

Week 2 (27-31 July)

Maori Language Week
Kia ora! This week is Maori Language Week. We will be exploring some new te reo words during the week in Kohara and practising some we already know. It was lovely to start the week with our senior kaka haha group performing at Monday Meet Up. We also learnt how to say Waimairi correctly - if you want tips on how to remember, just ask the tamariki!

Kohara would like to welcome Kyran to our class. He joins us from Canada and it is so lovely to see the children welcoming him and being friendly. We hope you enjoy being at Waimairi School Kyran.

Mrs Campbell
Mrs Campbell is improving but is still away this week. A big thanks to Ms Kelk for joining us again in Kohara this week - it is lovely to have the consistency of the same person relieving in our room and the children really enjoy having Ms Kelk.

This began last week for our group of spellers. These children must have their notebooks at school every Friday so they can be tested and get their new words for the following week.

Classroom Release
This Wednesday Room 19 have PE with Mr Lukes from 11-12.30pm.

Professional Development
Mrs O is attending staff professional development on Thursday so Mrs Hull will be relieving in Kohara during the afternoon.

Reading Folders
Lovely to see many more reading folders appearing at school. Thanks to the families who have encouraged their children to bring these each day.

Poetry Folders needed for Friday.

Library day is Friday.

Thanks to the families who have sent along whiteboard pens and pencils - it is great to replenish our stationery supplies!

Have a great week :)

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Honour's Pillow

Honour had shown great perseverance and has finished her fabulous pillow. Doesn't it look comfy! Honour sewed this herself with a needle and thread and then sewed on shapes to add detail. We think it will look great in her room. 

Term 3 - All About The Arts

What a great welcome back to Term 3 with Sport Suzy and some fabulous musicians to kick start our Arts term. The Arts include music, dance, drama and visual arts and this term Waimairi is looking at how the Arts connect us to our community. 

If you or anyone you know have a connection with the Arts let us know. We'd love to make connections and share our community talents with Kohara.

Mariam Celebrates Eid

Look at the gorgeous henna designs on Mariam's hands. She has been celebrating Eid with her family which signals the end of Ramadan. First Mariam's family fast, then when fasting is finished it is Eid and Mariam got treats and drinks at her mosque.

Mariam used her henna designs to practice her sketching on the whiteboard.  We loved the details and enjoyed hearing about the celebrations in Mariam's culture. 

Week 1 (20-24 July)

Welcome back Kohara!! We hope you have all had a restful and relaxing break over the holidays. So great to see all your smiley faces back at school this week and looking much healthier!

Mrs Campbell
Unfortunately Mrs Campbell wasn't so lucky in her holidays. She hurt her back and will be away for the first few weeks of term. We welcome Ms Kelk to Kohara while Mrs Campbell is away.

Thank you to all the wonderful families who have sent along 3 writing pencils and 3 whiteboard pens for us to replenish our class supplies. We're starting to think the children are eating these as they seem to constantly disappear!! Either that or we have a stationery monster on the prowl!! These supplies can be sent along any time but we would appreciate it if we could have them by the end of this week.

Professional Development
Mrs O'Sullivan will be out of the classroom for part of Friday to attend staff professional development. Mrs Hull will be relieving during this time.

Library day every Friday. Books can be returned to class any time - there are library containers at each end of Kohara.

Junior Kapa Haka
Kapa haka continues every Friday for the junior school.

Reading Folders
Lots of children do not appear to have reading folders at school or else are not using them. Please encourage your child to keep their books in their reading folders and return these each day. On Monday mornings the children need to put their books from the week before in the grey container for book returns.

Reading Returns
There is a roster outside Kohara on the noticeboard - if you can help during the term with putting our books away in the reading room please add your name. As yet there is no one for Week 1 or 2. Thanks in advance!

Poetry Folders
These need to be at school every day and most importantly on Fridays. Children

Have a great week Kohara!!

My Holidays by Ollie

Here is Ollie's great story about his holiday. He used his writing chart to help him spell lots of words!

I went to Wellington with my brothers to see Gordy and Nana. We went to a cafe and I had two hot dogs. Gordy had darts.
By Ollie

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Term 3 Stationery

Please remember to bring 3 pencils and 3 whiteboard pens to school the first week back. These do not need to be named as they are all shared by our class. Whiteboard pens can be any colour.

Thanks also to the families who sent a box of tissues along at the end of last term - these are most appreciated especially with all the sickness we had last month.

Many thanks :)

Thursday, 2 July 2015


Mrs O told me that you were awesome at the celebration. I just know your families would be very impressed with your learning. I hope you all have a lovely holiday and look forward to seeing you all next term. Love Mrs Campbell