Thursday, 31 August 2017


There is a lot of sickness in Kohara at the moment - including strep throat, glandular fever, coughs, colds, sore throats, tummy aches, and fevers...  We are encouraging the children to remember to wash their hands thoroughly. Roll on summer time!

80s/90s Mixed Tape Event

Tickets ON SALE NOW!!!!!!

$25 per ticket for our main fundraiser of the year - 80s/90s Mixed Tape Event. Be in quick before tickets sell out - available to purchase at the office now.

Dust off your favourite outfits from the 80s and 90s, and be prepared for a night of Wham, Madonna, Rick Astley, Bon Jovi and more...

The PTA have got some fabulous fun ideas lined up, supper is included and there is a cash bar operating (sorry no BYO).

September 15th... get ready to boogy!!!!

School Photos

School Photos are coming up on Wednesday 1 September.

All children will need to be wear red polo shirts if possible and culottes for the girls and navy shorts for the boys. Shorts preferred over track pants if possible please.

If you would like to book a siblings photo, this needs to be done online before Monday 4 September (info in the school newsletter on how to book).

Friday is Library Day

Please send library books to school for Friday :)

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Mufti day

Sports themed mufti day on Wednesday 30 August. Gold coin donation to support Hamish Gillett who is representing Waimairi for a major cross country event. 

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

School Re-Build Information Sessions

Want to hear all about the plans for our re-build? Come along and find out more. We are running two sessions this Thursday either at 9am or again at 7pm.

We are looking forward to seeing you on Thursday. We can't wait to show you the school re-build plans and listen to your ideas about our possible future directions.

Please find attached a booklet to prompt some discussion in your household before the event.

To help with planning, please use this form link to RSVP

Thursday, 24 August 2017


Thanks to the children who handed in their notebooks for testing today (Thursday).
You are fabulous!!!

Great to see lots of you have been practising at home as many of you got all your words right this week. Ka pai. Remember you can also practise words from previous weeks as well - keep up the maintenance so you don't forget these :)

Library Day Friday

Please send the library books along to school for our class library time on Friday morning.

Friday Last day for Pizza Orders

If you wish to order a Hells Pizza for next Wednesdays lunch - orders must be handed in on Friday morning (25 August). No late orders accepted. EFTPOS available tomorrow morning also. Please ensure orders are in a named envelope.

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Hannah sings "How Far I Go"

Mrs Campbell - Hannah, why did you decide to sing a song for your project?

Hannah - Because I like singing

Mrs Campbell - How did you decide on the song?

Hannah - I've got the movie and it's my favourite song in the movie.

Mrs Campbell - How did you feel when you were singing?

Hannah - Bit nervous and happy.

Mrs Campbell - What did you learn from your project?

Hannah - I learnt  the words of the song and last time I performed I was dancing and singing with other people so this time it was just me!

Mrs Campbell - What was tricky?

Hannah - It was hard to remember the words.  'Light in the sky stays behind me' was the tricky bit but I kept going.

Sunday, 20 August 2017

Week 5 (21-25 August)

Welcome to Week 5 :)

Welcome to Mrs Lynda Wilson and Mrs Anne McHaffie who are relieving in Kohara on Monday due to sickness.

Classroom Release Time
Both classes have PE with Mr Lukes on Tuesday - Room 18 from 9-10.30am and Room 19 from 11-12.30pm.

Spelling notebooks should be sent home on Monday - for those who remembered their books last week, your new words are in there ready for you.

The Arts
We had a great discussion last week about what the 'heart of Waimairi' looks and feels like for the Kohara children. It was really neat to hear the things they identify as special to them and we are looking forward to putting these ideas together to represent "A Day in the Life of A Kohara Kid" starring our talented children! Parents - you might also like to share with your child, what makes Waimairi School special to you or what represents the heart of our school for your family.

We have been continuing to enjoy measuring things around the classroom, including ourselves. We even have some fabulous looking measurement monsters on display. We have been using metres and centimetres as well as non standard measurement like how many cubes or iceblock sticks... Have you found anything to measure at home?

Reading Book Returns
Thank you so much to our book fairy who helped us out last week to return the huge pile of books for us. You are a star!!!! If anyone else has a few minutes once a week and can help out, please let us know as we'd love to share the load so it's not always the same people doing it. It's a pretty straight forward job and we can help you out by explaining what to do.

Lunchtime Clubs
Monday - French Club (12.30pm with lunch in He Tangata)
              - Chess Club (12.45pm in Room 21)
Tuesday - Craft Club (12.45pm in Room 21)
Thursday - Art Club (12.45 in Room 21)

Spelling Day 
Please remember the spelling notebooks for Thursday testing.
If you forgot last week, please revise last weeks words over the week.

Library Day
Please return library books to the class library book container before Friday. We are loving all the children who are remembering their library bags as well.

Lost Property
There is a lot of winter jackets currently in the lost property basket in the hall entrance. These were out on display last week - if you are missing a jacket, it could well be in there.

PTA News
Upcoming Dates...
Hells Pizza lunch orders coming up on Wednesday 30 August. Watch out for more details coming soon.

The Big Event - 15 September, adults only. Mixed tape 80s and 90s night. Book the babysitter and get your retro outfits sorted. This is going to be an amazing night. Tickets will be on sale towards the end of the month $25 per person which includes supper. This is the PTA's main fundraiser for the year so grab a group of mates and dust off your dancing shoes.

Movie Night (sorry only for the older siblings Year 3-6)
Friday 1 September in the hall starting at 6pm (Home Alone). Entry by can donation for the City Mission.

Coffee Shop
We are loving the recent changes to the coffee shop that Julie and Vanessa have been making. Did you know that we no longer offer straws, and have changed to more environmentally friendly coffee cups? You can also purchase reuseable cups (great range of designs available) in two different size options - great for the regular patrons! A huge thanks also to our friendly PTA volunteers who give up their time to assist Julie and Vanessa - it really is a great team effort.

Have a great week :)

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Library Books

Please pack the library books in the school bags for Friday.

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Thursday is Spelling Day

Please send the spelling notebooks to school on Thursday for testing.
Children can put these in the red spelling box by the teachers chair on the mat area.

A big thank you to Vihaan, Isaac and Gemma for taking on the responsibility of testing our spellers each week. They are doing a fabulous job.

Welcome to Vanessa

Welcome to Vanessa Reynolds who is relieving for Mrs O on Thursday.

Due to Mrs O being away, we have rescheduled Room 19's Classroom Release Time with Mr Lukes to next Tuesday instead.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Gemma's Art Gallery

Gemma was recently inspired by the Len Lye exhibition at the Christchurch Art Gallery so she decided to make her own sculptures based around her favourite works by Len Lye. We love how Gemma thought of so many details, including having moving sculptures that work every 15 minutes (provided Gemma is around!!) The storm king works by Gemma blowing air through the straw on the side of the gallery wall which creates the movement. What a great project for our Arts term - you can check it out next time you visit the office as it is on display on the front counter.

Sunday, 13 August 2017

Oli and Lochie's Block Challenge

The block challenge is one of our most favourite activities in Kohara. There is always great conversation, turn taking, sharing, problem solving, collaboration and negotiating around the block mat area and we love seeing the amazing creations, using our observations to notice and replicate the details of the picture challenge.

This is Lochie and Oli's latest creation - a theatre. There is tiered seating, a big red curtain over the stage area and intricate design work around the outside. The theatre ties in well with our Arts focus this term. When was the last time you went to a theatre...? What did you see?

Sherbet Fizz

There is a real science to making Sherbet. Which ingredients do you think might make the reaction that causes the sherbet to fizz in your mouth? Fran helped Sophie, Lucy, Awatea and Anika mix up their sherbet mixture. They also needed to use maths to measure the ingredients out. They also used fractions to split the sherbet in half so they could make each half a different flavour. The girls also made their own bags using origami paper. A delicious science, maths and art project!

Boot Camp with Kiri

We were lucky enough to have a go at Boot Camp with Lochie's mum Kiri on Friday. Some were a bit nervous about it, but everyone went out for a turn and it sounds like everyone absolutely LOVED it!! Kiri had the music blaring and the kids moving. What a fantastic way to include some physical movement and fitness into our day.

Rosalie's Giraffe

Rosalie also made a giraffe but you might have noticed her giraffe is a lot smaller than Shiva's!! That's because Rosalie's giraffe is a toy for her beany boo toy which is also a giraffe! Rosalie used her measurement skills to make sure the size was right before she cut out the shape and sewed it. Your toy will love having a miniature toy to play with and it even has it's own tiny blanket!

Shiva's Giraffe

Wow Shiva! Look at your fabulous giraffe. This was Shiva's first sewing project and he did a great job learning how to hand sew. It was pretty challenging getting the stitches close enough to the edge to allow for the stuffing especially around the skinny legs but we think it turned out fantastic! We also loved how he added the googly eyes and the spots just like a real giraffe!

Harry, Louis and Cayden's Cupcakes

Yum - we love seeing all the delicious baking that our Kohara kids whip up in the kitchen. Harry, Louis and Cayden had great fun mixing and measuring and putting their maths skills to work following the recipe to make these tasty chocolate chip cupcakes. Great job boys! The smiles on your faces are just delightful.

Anika's Dog House

If you were a toy dog, you would absolutely love this house that Anika has created. It has so many interesting details like... a litterbox outside, a comfy inside bed, a play area, an outside food kennel, and Kohara's favourite part - it even has a ball thrower using a catapult to throw the pom pom ball for the dogs to chase. We love how Anika used her science learning about forces to create the ball thrower. Great effort Anika!

Oscar's Monster

What a friendly looking monster Oscar created. This was Oscar's first sewing project and we think he did a great job working hard to get his stitches near the outside of the monster so he could add stuffing. He then decorated it by adding the face details. It looks like Oscar has been having lots of fun at home with it!

Week 4 (14-18 August)

Welcome to Week 4 :)

Chess Club
Chess club is back up and running for those who are keen to join. Monday lunchtimes 12.45-1.15pm in Room 21. All levels and ages welcome.

Classroom Release
Room 19 have PE with Mr Lukes on Thursday afternoon from 1.30-3pm.

Reading Book returns
We would love some keen helpers to help re-shelve our class reading books as we have quite a few needing to be put away. If you can help, please let us know or add your name to the roster outside Kohara. Many Thanks.

Whanau Hui
This is being held on Wednesday 23 August at 7pm in the library for those with an interest in Maori achievement and engagement. This hui will be looking at Maori Language Week and the upcoming Tuhono Festival for our Kapa Haka seniors which is being held on Thursday 21 September. If you are interested in attending, please let us know.

French Club Monday lunchtimes 12.30pm with your lunch in He Tangata.
For those attending, we encourage them to stay for the whole time as a few of our younger children have been leaving in the middle of the session which makes it difficult for the other children attending. French club finishes about 1pm so the children can have a chance for a run outside before the end of the lunch break.

Craft Club Tuesday lunchtimes 12.45pm in Room 21.

Lost Property
We are continuing to see a growing pile of lost property in Kohara - most of this was handed out to children on Friday but we then located a big pile left outside on the bag hooks after school. We have taken this inside for the weekend but please encourage children to check their hooks for all jackets, jerseys etc as we do not want these going missing from the walkway overnight.

Reading Folders and Poetry Folders
A reminder that children should be returning their reading folder to their tote tray in the morning before school and their poetry folders to the green containers. This makes it quicker for the children when they come for their reading group time and means others are not having to wait for them. We'd love your help in reminding the children with this :)

A big thank you to you all for reminding your children to keep their toys at home. This has made things much easier in the classroom.

Bey blades can be brought to school (at your own risk) for use at break times and we ask that these are kept in school bags and not used in the classroom. This includes before and after school.

Our Arts Inquiry
We are inquiring into the things that the children see as special to our school as part of our Arts learning this term. You might like to chat with your child about the things they enjoy at school - it could be places, activities, learning, events, etc.

Thank you to those children remembering to bring their notebooks on Thursdays for testing. New words will be sent home on Monday this week due to us being away on a course last week. If you missed having your book at school for testing and getting new words last week, then please practise the previous weeks words and remember to hand it in this Thursday.

Our friendly PTA meet this week on Tuesday 15th August at 7pm in the school library. New faces always welcome - if you're interested in coming along to see what we do, we'd love to see you there.

Drift Trike Day
We have a new date scheduled for the drift trike day due to it being postponed with the bad weather last time. It is now Tuesday 22 August. Children must have a helmet.

Have a great week :)

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Shiva the Cartography

Shiva has a real interest in maps and geography so there was no better project for him. Did you know he was a cartographer? He had to research and find three lakes, three mountains and three well known land marks from around New Zealand. He learnt about making a map legend which uses symbols to represent places or objects on his map. Shiva learnt to persevere to produce a quality map that is now on display in the library for others to look at.

Marshmallow by Lucy

Once upon a time there was a little boy called Marshmallow. He did not have any mum or dad. His mum died when he was born. His family was poor. So his dad tried to look after him but his dad got so sick that he died too. So one day he decided to go on an adventure. He walked for 7 weeks and one day he saw a mysterious place. It was Candyland and he walked for a few hours until he saw a hole. He said to himself "I will go in there" and so he did. But then... he saw a pack of wolves and the wolves saw him. They loved him so so they raised him as their own and they lived happily ever after.

By Lucy

Monday, 7 August 2017

Ella's Jewellery Box

Ella made a beautiful jewellery box. She had to adapt her design to work with the materials we had available. Ella considered how she would access the jewellery box and of course the glitter decoration finished it off perfectly!!

Card making by Sophie and Zora

Sophie and Zora wanted to make cards for their Mum's. They talked about the decoration they would need to make them attractive and we think they did just that. They were wanting to improve their art skills.

Luka, Dustyn and Lochie Make Pancakes

Dustyn, Luka and Lochie had great fun measuring and mixing their pancake mixture. They had to follow a recipe and use their maths to measure the right amount of ingredients. They look like they turned out very well. Delicious in fact!

Fraya's Chicken Feeder

Fraya wanted to make a chicken feeder for her project and the first design she found didn't work out but did she give she did not! The second design worked much better and now chickens are eating out of a shocking pink feeder!!! Great perseverance Fraya.

More Statistics

Today Lochie, Khori, Alex and Hannah decided to use the maths animals to sort into groups. They counted each group up and decided on a name or label for their group (classifying). Then they worked out which animal there was the most of and which group had the least.

Then they decided to separate the big group of dinosaurs into smaller group by grouping them according to the type of dinosaur they were. More statistics!!

Look what I found!!

Many moons ago in a planet far far away Oli and Lochie S, with advice from Alex, created a futuristic pattern with shapes. You can tell by the smiles that they were pretty happy with their creation!

Rosalie's Cat House

Rosalie created this fabulous cat house. It has toys for the cat to play with as well as an inside and outside area. What great attention to detail Rosalie.


ALEX......Who designed and hand sewed his costume himself. What you don't see in the photos is the  lightning bolts sewn on the face mask! Great attention to detail Alex. 

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Addison's Cushion

Check out this gorgeous looking cushion! We love the way each side has different details - a puppy on one side and the letter A for Addison on the other side. Addison is going to use it on her bed. She better watch out as her soft toys might like lying on it!

How Big is a T-Rex?

The bell birds group had a story about how to measure a dinosaur. In it, it mentioned that a Tyrannosaurus Rex was about 12 metres high. We tried to see how big this was in Kohara but by the time we had 3 metres we were close to the ceiling!

Today we went outside and we took some rulers with us. Each ruler measured 1 metre. We worked out we would need 12 rulers to make 12 metres. We lay our rulers out in a line and saw that it was more than half the length of a basketball court! This would be how long it would be if the T-Rex was lying down.

Then we decided to see how tall we would be compared to the T-Rex so we took turns lying beside the rulers. We estimated that we would probably only come a little way up the T-Rex's legs! We are actually pretty pleased that we don't have T-Rex's running around our playground.

Now we are wondering what else might be about 12 metres...