Wednesday, 17 October 2018


A warm welcome to Sasha and her family who have joined us from Avonhead School.
Welcome to Waimairi School and Kohara!

Tennis Postponed

Our first tennis lesson was postponed due to the rain so we will now have our first tennis lesson this Friday 19th October and then our other lesson will be rescheduled for Monday 29th October.

Lego Evening

We are super excited in Kohara about the upcoming Lego night at Waimairi School. It is on Friday 26 October from 5-7pm in our school hall. Tickets are $5 for a child (children must be supervised by an adult) and you can purchase tickets from the school office.

Bring along some spare money for a sausage sizzle or bacon buttie and have an easy dinner while you are there. You are welcome to bring friends or preschoolers along as well (one ticket per child).

For older children there is also lego technic available to play with as well.

Thanks to our fabulous PTA for hosting this awesome event - the children are all very keen to come along!! Get your tickets before they sell out!!

Sunday, 14 October 2018

Where in the World (The South Island really) has Gary been???

 Snow on the mountains and there's a lake...Gary get off the roof of the car!

                            How did Mr and Mrs Cummack
                            get a photo with Gary?
                                                         There's a hint in every photo!!!

Week 1 (15-19 October)

Welcome to Week 1 of Term 4 :)

Welcome Back
A special welcome back to Miss Amanda Bell who rejoins us for the next four weeks for her next teaching placement. We look forward to having Amanda working with us again in Kohara.

This term is a sunhat term so ALL CHILDREN will need a well named blue school sunhat at school every day please. These are to be kept in bags or on the bag hooks please.

Classroom Release
This week Room 18 have Art with Mrs McHaffie and Room 19 have PE with Mr Lukes on Tuesday afternoon from 1.30-3pm.

Kohara will have two tennis lessons down at Waimairi Tennis Club on Watford Street on Wednesday and Friday afternoon this week. A contribution of $2 will be added to school accounts for this. Children will need to have a sunhat, warm jersey, drink bottle and suitable sports shoes for this please. If children require an inhaler to be taken down please let us know.

PTA Meeting
Our wonderful, friendly PTA team are looking for some new faces to join the team so this month is bring a 'Mate and a Plate' (existing PTA members are providing the plate but we would love some new mates)! If you are interested we would love to see you at our meeting this Tuesday 16th October at 7.30pm in the school library. We are busy planning for our upcoming lego evening fundraiser and fun run family event amongst other things. If you have any questions or want to know more feel free to ask Mrs O.

Touch Rugby
Touch rugby starts this Tuesday night at Nunweek Park so good luck to all our Kohara players for their first game of the season.

Reading Folders and Poetry Folders
Please ensure that children have both their reading folders and poetry folders at school on Monday. Some children may have reading folders already in their tote trays but all children will need to return their poem folders please.

We are looking forward to seeing the children on Monday and hearing all about their holidays. Hope you have all enjoyed a bit of down time over the last two weeks with your gorgeous children.

Saturday, 13 October 2018

Our Very Own TV Star!

Look who Olly spotted while he was watching the news - yes, it really was Lucia!! Olly decided after seeing Lucia on the news as one of the first visitors to Turanga the new library, that he really wanted to go and visit too.

Olly enjoyed the slide on the children's level and playing with the lego but he says his favourite thing was that they had so many books about orang-utans! Olly even got a free bag of lollies from the More FM team. What a nice way to finish your holidays Olly!

Thursday, 11 October 2018

Tennis Lessons

Our class has the opportunity to have two tennis lessons at the Waimairi Tennis Club on Watford Street during Week 1 this term, run by trained tennis coaches. Our lessons will be held on Wednesday 17th and Friday 19th October in the afternoon and all gear is provided for the children. We will be walking down, returning by 3pm on both days. A contribution of $2 towards this will be added to school accounts.

Please ensure children have the following:
* sunhat
* warm jersey
* sports shoes
* water bottle
* inhalers (if required)

Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Canvas Art - Tom, Thomas and Jackson

Canvas Art has been a popular project this term inspired by other canvas projects that children in Kohara have completed. This is a great choice during our Arts Term and we have been impressed with the painting techniques and the care taken to make them look so amazing. Jackson made his as a doodle art project using vivid and it was also really effective. Abstract art like Jackson's can make people think of their own ideas when they look at it which means everyone will think something slightly different. Well done Tom, Thomas and Jackson.

Mrs Coleman's Farewell

Well done to the children from Kohara and Korimako on your beautiful singing at Mrs Coleman's special staff morning tea. It was so fabulous it made Mrs Coleman's eyes leak! We were so proud of the way you sat so quietly waiting for everyone to arrive and how well you sang 'Count on Me'. We think Mrs Coleman will always think of you all every time she hears this song from now on. What a special way to say goodbye. Plus a special ka pai to Oscar and David for being the speakers and introducing us so well.

Lego Car Park Creation

Check out this collaborative creation - a lego car park. It has a ramp for the car, parking areas, and traffic lights. There is even a McDonalds drive through with a bit where the fries get made and passed through the window to the customers! This was a real team effort - well done Kobe, Sullivan, James, Fletcher, Sarah and Nova for working together, taking turns, sharing ideas and cooperating to achieve such a cool creation.

Elliot's Robot

Elliot has been busy with his robot project lately and we think it looks like a real one. We were very impressed with the arms and legs and how Elliot attached them so carefully. Elliot found that the hot glue wasn't the best way to stick them on so he tried taping them and found that this worked much better. Sometimes you have to try a few different techniques to find the best way. When Elliot was finished he created a house for his robot. We love the perseverance and problem solving that Elliot has shown. Well done!

Lexi the Sculptor

Lexi told us she wants to be an artist when she grows up but we think she already is an artist!
Look at this amazing sculpture that Lexi made using plasticine - there are so many little details that she has made like the crown with a bow underneath, a little storage bag, a blanket to keep the baby warm and the details on the monsters. WOW Lexi - we think you will be inspiring children to create their own sculptures now.

Singing Stars Siale-Maia, Sofia and Luca

We are loving the singing projects in Kohara at the moment. It is pretty nerve wracking going up in front of such a big audience and singing - we think the children are so brave to do this. We have enjoyed being an audience for Luca and then for Sale-Maia and Sofia as they sang to us, and then we got to have our own turn at joining in with them. Well done girls!

Lochie's Graduation

Congratulations Lochie on your graduation from Rainbow Reading. We are all so proud of you and loved hearing how hard you have worked and the progress you have made. What a superstar!

Pippa's Castle

Kohara were so impressed with Pippa's castle - we loved the details of the turrets, windows and even the drawbridge over the moat. Pippa started with several different sized cardboard tubes which she taped together before using paper mâché to cover them. Pippa found she needed to secure them to a base to make it strong enough to stand up. Then she has decorated the castle with paint, glitter and added lots of details to put the finishing touches on. Awesome effort Pippa.

Olly Goes to Twizel

Olly enjoyed his holiday to Twizel for a few nights. He loved seeing the snow on the mountains and visiting the new ice cream shop for a banana flavoured ice cream of course!

Can you spot Olly on the big vehicles? He looked so small in comparison. Olly had lots of fun climbing on them.

What is everyone else doing on their holidays? Leave Olly a message below (in the comments) and let us know what you are up to.

Monday, 24 September 2018

Reading Homework

The children should all have their poetry folders at home - we are encouraging them to re-read two favourites each night this week since we are not having our usual reading programme. The children can keep their folders at home for the week - they won't need to come back to school until after the holidays.

In the meantime, please keep searching for reading books and send these back by Tuesday this week if possible so they can be returned for our stocktake.

Monty Makes a Friend for Olly

Monty has made Olly the orangutan a friend! They look like they would be great mates as both seem to enjoy bananas by the look of it! We wonder what they would get up to if they hung out together?

Sunday, 23 September 2018

Week 10 (24-28 September)

Welcome to Week 10 :)

Carol Coleman's Retirement Assembly
All welcome to join us in farewelling Carol this Monday 24th September from 2.15pm in the hall.
Please note there is NO MONDAY MEET UP in the morning due to the change in time.
Afternoon tea will be served following the assembly and there will be fruit served outside or the children if you wish to stay and join us.

Classroom Release
Room 19 children have Art with Mrs McHaffie on Tuesday morning from 9-10.30am.

There will be no instructional reading or reading homework this week as we are having a reading book stocktake so we can order new reading books for next term. Please can all reading books be sent back to school for shelving by Tuesday at the latest (please encourage children to empty their reading folder books before school).

Last week a lovely parent volunteered to shelve our books for us - and we have forgotten who!
If anyone has some spare time this week we would love it if you could grab a handful of books to return for us to the reading room please. Don't feel like you need to do the whole lot yourself as the pile is steadily growing! Many hands make light work!

Black and White Mufti Day
Mufti day this Wednesday 26th September - wear black and white to support our Chess Team.
Gold coin donation please.
Sausage sizzle also on Wednesday $2.50 per sausage.
All funds go towards travel costs for the Waimairi Chess Team as they travel to Tauranga for further competitions.

No Kapa Haka this week.

Library Day Friday.

Craft Club Tuesday lunchtime.

Playground Leaders - Monday to Thursday lunchtimes.

End of Term
School finishes for the term on Friday 28th September. Have a lovely term break with the children and we look forward to seeing you all back on Monday 15th October.

Thursday, 20 September 2018

Friday Reminders

Please send library books and poem folders for Friday.