Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Baking Helper Needed for Thursday

Lexi and Cecilia are doing a baking project making Anzac biscuits. They would love a parent helper who could come and do some baking with them on Thursday this week if possible please (any time is fine).

If you can help, please let Mrs O or Mrs Campbell know.
Many Thanks.

Monday, 30 July 2018

SPCA Cupcake Day - Monday 6 August

Three creative senior students (and two keen juniors) have arranged Waimairi School's participation in the SPCA Cupcake day promotion.

You can choose to be either a baker or a buyer!

Bakers bring your cupcakes to school on the morning of 6 August. We will have a big stall in front of the office to sell our cupcakes. Or if you'd prefer to buy, then bring along some coins to purchase a yummy cupcake or two! All proceeds will go to the SPCA so support a good cause and have some fun baking or start saving your coins!

Shape Creations

Kohara LOVE using our geometric shapes to create patterns, symmetry and interesting shape pictures. We have been learning the names of some of our more tricky shapes (hexagons, trapezoids to name a few!) It is also a good way to use maths language to describe our patterns - edges, corners, sides etc. What shapes can you spot in the following shape patterns?

Monty's Base

Monty put a lot of effort into creating an army base. He learned how to make camouflage colours with the paint to create an army effect and then he added cut out pictures of army soldiers to make it look more realistic. Now it's ready to use at home with action figures!

Josie's Creations

Josie enjoyed using the plasticine to create these neat sculptures. We love how the children in Kohara have such an enjoyment of the Visual Arts. Great job Josie :)

Oscar's Dinosaurs

Oscar loves creating art especially sculptures. Look at these detailed dinosaurs that Oscar crafted out of plasticine.

Bella's Marble Run

Bella created this very cool marble run for two players. We love how she designed the tracks and tested it out as she made it to ensure that the marbles could fit down the track. It also makes a really cool sound when the marbles roll down - it reminds us of wind chimes. Bella worked really hard to create this - it takes a lot of time to create such a detailed marble run using nails.

Leo's Plane

Leo has been working really hard on his plane design over quite a few weeks. It is great to see children persevering to finish their projects - sometimes it takes a lot of hard work to create a quality project but it sure is worth it in the end! Well done Leo - we think your plane has many great features and we love the people inside the plane.

Riley's Tower

Wow Riley - you have had to balance these place value blocks very carefully to make your tower. Look at the concentration on your face!
I wonder if you can estimate how tall it might be?
Would you choose to measure it in centimetres, millimetres or metres?

Lochie's Art

Check out Lochie! He has been busy drawing detailed pictures of The Incredibles.
Which one is your favourite?
Do you know what special powers they each have? What super power would you choose?

Farewell to Jarrett

We would like to wish Jarrett and his family all the best for their move to Auckland. Jarrett finishes with us on Tuesday - you can join us at 2.50pm outside the office for our Poroporoake (farewell ceremony).

We have enjoyed Jarrett's positive attitude towards his learning and watching him grow as a learner over his time with us. We will miss him in Kohara!

Luca's Poem

Over the weekend Luca was inspired by the moon so she wrote a poem about it.
We hope you enjoy reading it :)

The Moon

The moon is bright
It comes out at night!
It has a very strong glare!
When you look at the moon at night
It looks so white
And looks so near!
If you went to the moon at night
You would land on the moon
And see you would have felt the moon
Now you would know
The moon is made of sand
And rock you see.

By Luca

Sunday, 29 July 2018

Week 2 (30 July- 3 Aug)

Welcome to Week 2 :)

Classroom Release Time
On Wednesday afternoon Room 18 will have PE with Mr Lukes and Room 19 children will have Art with Mrs McHaffie.

Mainland Football
A group of children from Kohara have the opportunity to attend some football skills sessions on a Friday for the next few weeks (11.45-12.30pm) with Stephen Hoyle from Mainland Football. The children indicated if they wanted to participate and from this we have chosen a group, giving preference to children who are not currently playing for a team on a Saturday. Unfortunately for this opportunity we are restricted with numbers - your child will know later in the week if they are taking part. They won't require anything other than normal sneakers.

Our class library day is Friday. Books/library bags can be returned anytime into our yellow containers in the middle space of Kohara.

Reading Folders
Please ensure children have these at school every day.These need to be put in their tote trays in the classroom before school please.

Art Inquiry
After our Art ignition last Monday, we created a moment in time from our holidays using a choice of mediums (paint, pastel, chalk, felts, crayons, sketching or plasticene). On Friday we set our art up like an art gallery and viewed the art to find one we really liked. We shared why we liked it and some of our reasons included: the colours, the shapes, the details used, it looked realistic or it reminded us of a special memory. We learnt that sometimes what we see and feel is not always the same as what the artist intended but that's perfectly fine! Here is a selection of some of our holiday art...

Last week we viewed art by a dutch artist Piet Mondrian. This linked in well with some of our maths groups that have been looking at 2D shapes as his work uses rectangles and squares. We noticed he used the primary colours (red, yellow and blue) to colour in some but not all of his shapes. We thought this made the colours pop and stand out more.

We explored making our own art using the same geometric shapes but choosing any three colours to create an effect. For our first attempts we used pastels. This week children can opt into having another go using a different medium instead.

Kapa Haka
Tuesday 1.30-2pm.

Craft Club
Tuesday lunchtimes in Room 22 from 12.45-1.30pm.

Have a great week :)

Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Getting Arty

After our Arts ignition on Monday morning we were inspired to capture a moment in time from our holidays. The children could choose to use chalk, pastel, paint, plasticene, sketching or drawing. It was so fabulous to hear the children discussing their holidays as they created. Here are a few pictures of the children in action...

Week 1 (23-27 July)

Welcome back to Week 1. We hope you all enjoyed a chance to relax and reconnect with your lovely families over the holiday break.

Arts Term
We are really excited about our Arts focus this term and are looking forward to creating and exploring with different art mediums. If anyone has any arty connections or talents that they'd like to share with Kohara, please let us know. We had our first pop up art station in Kohara today and many of the children chose to have a go at creating with pastels - we now have some gorgeous artworks up on display near the block mat area. Be sure to check them out next time you are in.

If anyone has any old adult t-shirts that they no longer need, we'd love to replenish our art shirt supply especially as they will be well used this term.

It was wonderful to start the term with a display of working artists showcasing their art with us. We enjoyed watching students from Papanui High and St Andrews College with a variety of their art works and several adults who showcased charcoal, drawing, mosaics, clay and sketching. We hope you got a chance to enjoy viewing these as well.

Classroom Release Time
This week Room 18 children have PE with Mr Lukes on Thursday from 9-10.30am.

There will be a poem for reading on Thursday due to Classroom Release. Please ensure children have their poem folders at school.

We have been re-testing high frequency words with those children who are still learning these. It is great to see the children's progress. Please keep up the practice with these at home as this is proving most beneficial for their reading fluency.

At the end of last term we tested the children on the Essential List spelling words. This term we are focusing on practising these during our free writing time. We are learning to spell these by:
1. Reading the word
2. Looking at the word
3. Covering the word
4. Having a go at writing the word
5. Checking if we spelt if right
6. If incorrect, we are practising copying it several times
The children now have their individualised lists in the front of their free writing books to use for this. Words they know and can already spell correctly are highlighted and the children do not need to practise those ones.

Reading Book Returns
We have a huge pile of books from after the holidays that we would love to have shelved. If anyone can help out with putting away even a few books we would really appreciate this. Don't feel like you have to do all of them. They sit on the back bench at the end of Room 18 in the blue tote tray container.

Library Day Friday
Please send library books (and bags) back to school for our Friday class visit.

Craft Club
Craft club continues this term on Tuesday lunchtimes from 12.45-1.30pm for children who wish to get crafty! Held in Room 22.

Top up Stationery

Top Up Stationery

Dear All,

We did a stocktake over the holidays and require the following stationery to see out the year.

2 whiteboard pens
1 glue stick

No need to name them because we share them.

Many Thanks
Tracy and Monique

Sunday, 22 July 2018

Gary's Hanmer Holiday

Gary had a wonderful time on holiday in Hanmer. He was really disappointed to hear that Mrs O saw Lola while she was out having a coffee because Gary was hanging out at the scooter park instead! That's what happens Gary when you don't want to come out to the coffee shop!!

Here is Gary looking very relaxed before his Forest Walk. He was amazed by how tall the trees in the forest were - he said it reminded him of the jungle!

Gary couldn't resist monkeying around on the tree trunks!

Gary heading off to enjoy the hydroslides and hot pools. He was quite upset he wasn't allowed in the adults only hot pools but he did enjoy the Super Bowl hydroslide ride.

Gary tried to convince Mrs O to take him jet boating but Mrs O said this was as close as he was going to get to it these holidays!

This was Gary's view from the top of Conical Hill. Gary enjoyed the walk up the hill and even managed to find a painted rock from Christchurch hidden along the track. He has brought it back to Christchurch so he can hide it in his favourite park.

We hope you have had a lovely relaxing holiday too but we have missed you all and are looking forward to seeing you at school tomorrow.
Love Gary and Mrs O