Thursday, 22 September 2016

Stationery for Term 4

Stationery for Term 4

Can all children please bring 2 whiteboard pens to school at the start of Term 4.
Many Thanks :)

End of Term

Please make sure ALL library books and reading books are returned to school today (Friday).

Have a happy, healthy and safe holiday break. Look forward to seeing you all back on Monday 10 October.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Noah's Teddy

Noah has been working hard on his teddy project with some help from Edward. He has been thinking hard about how to add details and has learnt to use the hot glue gun to add the clothes and eyes.

Games Day Thursday

The children are welcome to bring along a favourite game, puzzle or jigsaw on Thursday for our Kohara games day. It needs to be something the children are happy to play/share with others. 

Sunday, 18 September 2016

Week 9 (19-23 September)

Welcome to Week 9. Hard to believe this is the last week of term although we are noticing the children are getting a little tired and in need of a break especially given all the sickness over the term.

This week we welcome Michele Walker to Kohara. Michele is with us for the next 7 school weeks on a teaching placement. She would love to say hi, so please introduce yourself if you're popping into class this week.

This week we say farewell to Tilly who is shifting house and will be returning to Marshland School where she went previously. We have loved having Tilly at Waimairi but are sure her old friends and classmates will enjoy having her back!

We are also saying farewell to Kiri Anngow from our buddy class Kahukura on Friday as she has been seconded to teach at Aranui Primary for Term 4 this year. Lucky Aranui kids!! Our Rakaia River team will miss her and her infectious enthusiasm around the school.

Classroom Release
This week Room 18 have PE with Mr Lukes on Wednesday morning from 9-10.30am.

Reading Book Returns
Time to have a good hunt for school reading books this week. Please can we have ALL reading books returned by Thursday as these need to be shelved so other classes can use them next term. If you have any spare time over the week (maybe first thing in the morning or at home time) we would love some help returning these to the reading room. A huge thank you to Mandy who has been returning our class books almost every week this term - it is certainly appreciated.

We are taking a break from spelling this week. Spelling will resume in Week 1 next term.

Please ensure your child has their books at school in time for our class visit on Friday. Books can be returned at any time during the week to the containers in class. A number of children also have overdue books so please have a hunt for these if your child has had them out longer than two weeks.

Thank You
A big thank you to our fabulous parent helpers who have helped over the term. We have appreciated the extra pairs of hands with projects and extra learning opportunities for the children. We are extremely grateful for the time you give us each week.

Happy Holidays
School finishes for the term this Friday at 3pm and resumes for Term 4 on Monday 10 October.
Have a safe and happy holiday.

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Isabella's Turtle

Isabella created this turtle using leaves, flowers and PVA glue. The trickiest part was finding the right leaves because they had to be different sizes. Isabella got the idea from a book about leaf art.

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Calendar Art

Don't forget that orders for calendar art close on Friday this week (16 September).

You can view these in class in our green folder but here's a few photos of us at the Neil Shaskey art workshop creating our art for the calendars. We have since added dye to add a finishing touch.

Block Challenge

Some recent block challenge creations...

Star Wars Fans

Mrs O thought Kohara might like to see who she met at the supermarket recently! What a surprise 😀

Hannah's Horse

Look at the detail on Hannah's project. Not only did she see the horse but she also created a stable and outdoor area for it. We think the horse will enjoy his water trough and apples!

Paddy's Ghost

BOO! Watch out in Kohara for Paddy's ghost! Paddy did an awesome job of seeing him and adding details to make him look even spookier!

Connell's Sea Sketch

Check out the detail in Connell's sea sketch. Connell persevered and thought really hard about his sketching techniques to make his sea creatures look very realistic.

Finn's Playground

Finn created a very detailed playground on the block challenge. It has a climbing wall, slide and frame. If you look carefully you might even see the person playing on it!

Animal Cupcakes

Wow, how cute are these cupcakes that Brock, Lucy and Amy made. Look at the detail on the faces and the creative things they used to decorate them. Great teamwork too!

Dessert Makers

Yum! These photos will make you feel hungry looking at them! William, Ollie, Jay and Myan had a go at making ice cream sundaes. They did a fabulous job of organising all the ingredients and taking turns. They tell us that they tasted delicious. We hope their families will get treated to one at home sometime soon!


Congratulations Moses and Noah on graduating from Rainbow Reading. We know Mrs Stoddart was so proud of all your efforts and hard work. Kohara was very proud of you too!

Connell's Piñata

Look at Connell's minecraft piñata. All he needs now is a party so he can try it out! We think it looks better than the ones you'd buy in a shop!

Star Wars Cards

The children in Kohara, like many others, are enthusiastic collectors of the Countdown Star Wars cards. However, these are becoming a problem at school and we have told children we do not expect to see them in class during their learning time. At the moment they are still welcome to play and trade before school and at break times. These are brought to school at their own risk. 

Sue, our librarian, has also asked that the cards NOT be taken into the library anymore at break times as children have started showing a lack of respect for others wishing to use the library for a quiet place to read. 

We would appreciate your help reinforcing this with your children and we will also be reinforcing this in class as well. 

Many Thanks :)

The Big Event


What: Waimairi School's Major Annual Fundraiser
Who: Stars including Ali Harper and Jennine Bailey will treat us to a retro funk themed musical extravaganza.
What else?: Dancing to live band "Phaze 111", bar, supper, raffles and auctions.
What for?: Funds raised will be used to purchase sports equipment/uniforms, class resources and equipment, indoor/outdoor equipment for your children at school.
Please support our very generous sponsors:
Gold sponsor:      CHRISTCHURCH ELECTRICAL (1999) LTD
Silver sponsors:   BLIGHS RD CHALLENGE
                             CRESCENT RECRUITMENT
                             DOUG and DEBBIE SOPER, HARCOURTS GOLD
Can you help?: We are still looking for more bronze sponsors. Please contact Charlotte Johnson on 027 510 8172 for details.

Monday, 12 September 2016

Sophie's Science Project

Will it float or sink? That's what Sophie was wondering when she planned her project. She gathered a selection of items and recorded them on a sheet of paper then tested each item out to see if it floated or sank in a bucket of water. Sophie recorded her findings using a code of F for floated or S for sank.

Sophie found some things sank straight away while others floated but some sank after first floating for a while!

Sophie's project generated a lot of interest from other children and it was great to see them trialling different objects and the interesting conversations that flowed. Lots of scientific thinking!

Taila the Teacher!

Last term as part of our social studies inquiry, the children came up with their own plan for celebrating birthdays in Kohara. Part of our new traditions include getting to be the teacher for the day. Here is Taila taking the roll after lunch and having a giggle at the children replying to him in many different ways.

Kohara Authors

We have some budding authors in Kohara. Look at these fabulous books. Noah made his for his new baby with Thomas helping to complete it and Tilly also made her own book. Kohara loved listening to them.

Sunday, 11 September 2016

Week 8 (12-16 September)

Welcome to Week 8 :)

Classroom Release
Room 19 have Art with Mrs McHaffie on Tuesday afternoon from 1.30-3pm.
Room 18 have PE with Mr Lukes on Wednesday morning from 9-10.30am.

Calendar Art
We have the children's artwork in a green folder in Kohara - please feel free to come and check out your child's artwork which we are using for calendar art this year. Order forms went home last Friday - you can order calendars, cards, diaries or sketch books.

College Teacher
Next week we welcome Michele Walker who is joining us for seven weeks in Kohara.

Please send notebooks for testing on Friday.

Maths - Place Value
We have been looking at place value in 2 digit numbers in maths. How many 2 digit numbers can you find around your house? Can you work out how many tens and how many ones would be in each number you find? Here's a few places to look to start you off - page numbers in picture books (find the last page number), advertising/supermarket brochures, magazines, calculators, tv channels, mailbox numbers... There are also some place value games on our class blog under the numeracy links.

Library Day Friday

Kapa Haka Friday

Friday Sausage Sizzle
This Friday the chess team are running another sausage sizzle. These will be $2 for a sausage in bread and will replace our usual hotdogs. Order from the hall before school on Friday.

The Big Event
Our PTA are working hard to organise the upcoming Big Event which is our major fundraiser for the year. They are looking for any donations of items for raffles as well as bigger/special items for our auctions on the night. If you can assist please let Monique know or drop off to us in Kohara and we can pass it on, or leave it at the school office. They are still after sponsors as well - so if you have a business that might be keen please let us know (free advertising in return).
Tickets will be on sale soon for this fabulous night, so start organising a babysitter for Saturday October 29th. Musical showcase, supper, band and bar. We look forward to seeing you there on the night.

Lunchtime Clubs
Tuesday - sewing club
Wednesday - chess club
Thursday - hockey club

Have a great week.

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Friday Reminders

Library day and spelling testing day - make sure you have your library books and spelling notebooks at school.

Friday Sausage Sizzle

Tomorrow is also a sausage sizzle day instead of hot dogs. Cost is $2 each - to be ordered at the hall before school. This is also part of the Chess Club's fundraising.

Don't forget black and white mufti day also (gold coin donation). Student council are also doing black and white face painting at the bridge and outside the office.

What an improvement!!!

Mrs Campbell was lucky enough to try on  Jays fabulous mask that he made for his sister Asha. No one was frightened!!! (Thank goodness)

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Calendar Art

Calendar Art will be on display in class from this Friday onwards  so you can check out your child's fabulous artwork. Our artwork was created at our session with artist Neil Shaskey. Order forms will be sent out shortly for families to order calendars, cards or diaries. Great for Christmas presents. 

The Big Event - Our Major Fundraiser


It's getting closer....Waimairi School's major fundraiser, The Big Event, will take place on 29 October 2016. Ali Harper, Jennine Bailey and other high quality performers are promising a fun retro themed musical extravaganza! The entertainment will be followed by dancing to a live band ( Phaze 111), a bar and supper. Those of you who attended last year's Big Event will know what a fantastic night this promises to be. We are very fortunate to have such talented and generous stars in our school community.

The PTA is currently looking for sponsors.

Christchurch Electrical has offered to be the gold sponsor of this year's event and the Challenge service station on Bligh's Rd has offered to be one of our two silver sponsors. Please support these businesses whenever you can. The support of our sponsors directly benefits our children. Money raised from this year's event will pay for swimming lessons, classroom resources and sports equipment.

We are hoping to find another silver sponsor and 5 bronze sponsors.
Silver sponsorship costs $1000.00.
Bronze sponsorship costs $500.00.
The sponsors will be advertised in school newsletters, on the school website, Facebook page and via Twitter prior to the event and visually and verbally (via the MC) on the night. The silver sponsors' brands are on permanent display during the night.

If you, or your business, are interested in sponsoring this year's Big Event, please contact Charlotte Johnson on 0275108172or email to
Thank you for your consideration.

Look out for our posters advertising ticket sales and book a babysitter. You don't want to miss this fun night out!

P.S. We can both highly recommend this. Last years event was so impressive and the showcase of performers was just outstanding. You get to sit and enjoy the show for the first part of the evening before enjoying the band and a dance at the end. The bar is open and supper provided. Last year Mr Anderson and Mrs Coleman even made a surprise stage debut!! Grab a group of friends and make a night of it!

Mufti Day This Friday

This Friday 9 September the Chess team is holding a black and white mufti day to raise money for their upcoming chess trip/tournament.

Please come dressed in anything black and white.
Gold coin donation.

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

A visit to Kohara by a racing Husky!

Yuki the Husky, who is Noah P's racing Husky visited the children in Kohara this morning. Yuki was super friendly and she showed us, with the help of Noah, just how fast she is. In fact, a few times she didn't want to stop running! A few lucky children got to experience the fun of racing too.  A very big thank you to Kathryn and Simon for your time. The children were fascinated, as were the teachers.


Headlice are doing the rounds again. Please take a few minutes to check your child's hair. 😁

Sunday, 4 September 2016

The Albatross Colony by Baxter

The Albatross Colony

Albatrosses have yellow beaks and seagulls have orange beaks. I saw an albatross at the Albatross Colony in Dunedin and I saw baby penguins. The albatross were flying around and the penguins were in their boxes. My Nana and Grandad took me and my brother but my sister didn't get to come because she was too little.

By Baxter

My Scarf by Zara

My Scarf

Today I finished my scarf. I needed some wool and a pair of knitting needles. Knitting was hard for me but it isn't for some other people. The reason I wanted to make a scarf is because I wanted to knit at home. that is not the only reason. My other reason is I also wanted  my doll to have a scarf so that is why I decided to make a scarf. I love my scarf. It was a rainbow scarf.

By Zara

Week 7 (5-9 September)

Wow, we really can't believe it is Week 7! The term is fast disappearing...

Husky Dog Visit
On Tuesday we are looking forward to having Noah's husky dog coming to visit. Noah competes in sled racing with his dog and he is going to be bringing his scooter along to show us how it's done. Please let us know if your child has any allergies to dogs or any other concerns we should be aware of.

Teachers Union Meeting
On Wednesday afternoon many of our teachers are attending an important union meeting to discuss how proposed changes to government funding might adversely affect our children and staffing. School is operating as usual with other staff members covering classes while this takes place. Kohara will have Mrs Hull and Mrs Coleman for the afternoon.

Bon Voyage
We wish Taila bon voyage for a few weeks as he is heading to Japan for five weeks. We look forward to hearing about the similarities between Japanese school and learning here at Waimairi when he returns.

Maths Inquiry Project
For the six children who were involved in our teacher inquiry project on maths this year, you should have received your invitation to our whanau meeting this Thursday at lunchtime. We look forward to seeing you at 12.45pm in the room by the library to share our inquiry with you.

Lunchtime Clubs
Sewing club on Tuesday
Chess club on Wednesday
Hockey club on Thursday

Remember to pack the library books for our visit on Friday. If you haven't seen any books coming home lately, chances are your child may have overdue books that need to be returned.

Remember that Friday is our day for spelling testing - the children need their notebooks at school for this otherwise they miss out. Please remind children to hand in their notebooks on a Friday morning into the red container by the teachers chair. With the warmer weather approaching, it's a great opportunity to get outside to practise writing them - why not use a paintbrush dipped in water to write words on the driveway or path, or for those who love craft activities you could make the words by cutting up magazine or newspaper letters to make the spelling words. Enjoy and have fun!

Lost Property
We seem to have a build up of lost property making it's way into our classroom again - please have a look this week to claim anything that might belong to your child :)

Have a great week.