Friday, 31 August 2018

James's and Julie's treat for Kohara

Julie came in today to share her badminton rackets and shuttlecocks with Kohara. It's great to try something new on a Friday!! Thanks Julie and James.

Thursday, 30 August 2018

Library Day

Please send library books along for our Friday class time.

School Photos

On Friday 31 August the children who attend ESOL will have their photo taken at approximately 12 noon.

Our class photos will be on Thursday 6 September.

Uniform for these is a red polo shirt, navy shorts for boys and culottes for girls please.

No family photos this year, as these are taken every second year.

Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Hells Pizza Lunch on Wednesday

A reminder that Wednesday is pizza day for those children who ordered Hell's Pizzas.

Sunday, 26 August 2018

Week 6 (27-31 August)

Welcome to Week 6 :)

Classroom Release Time
Room 18 children have PE with Mr Lukes, and Room 19 children have Art with Mrs McHaffie on Wednesday afternoon this week from 1.30-3pm.

Hell's Pizza Lunch
This Wednesday 29th August is the Hell's Pizza lunch for those children who placed an order.

Please remember to send books back before Friday - books can be returned at any stage before then into our yellow library container.

Reading Folders
Please hunt these out and send them to school each day - these need to be put in tote trays before school please. We'd love your help in encouraging your child to do this themselves each day.

Dental Van
Many of the children have been to the dental van at school over the last week.
Those children who have been should have a small notice or book mark slip in their school bag with either information about treatment received or advice about follow up treatment if needed.

Mainland Football
This Friday is the last session for our Mainland Football group.

Kapa Haka on Tuesday afternoon

Craft club on Tuesday lunchtime

Have a great week :)

Sunday, 19 August 2018

Week 5 (20-24 August)

Welcome to Week 5 :)

Classroom Release Time
This week Room 19 children have Art with Mrs McHaffie on Wednesday morning 9-10.30am.

Maths Week
We had a great time exploring maths in many different contexts last Friday. Children from our Rakaia River team were able to choose which maths activities they wished to do. We discovered maths in outside games and sports - estimating, distance and measurement, counting, and addition. Some children made toast or fairy bread where they explored fractions, played board games, explored maths in the home, read maths related picture books, bought and sold things in our shop using money, prices, and addition as well as giving change. There was also a lot of maths related art going on with symmetrical potato prints and shape art. A huge thank you to our Rakaia River parents and grandparents who came along and lent a hand - it was so lovely to see the children so enthused about maths.

Please send library books along before Friday.

Mainland Football
Our Mainland Football group will have their next session with Steve Hoyle on Friday.

Craft Club
This runs on Tuesday lunchtimes from 12.45pm in Room 22. All children are welcome.

Reading Book Returns
Thanks to our lovely helpers over the last couple of weeks for putting our class reading books away. If anyone is able to lend a hand this week (anytime from Monday after school onwards) we would really appreciate it.

PTA Meeting
This Tuesday 21st August we have our next PTA meeting at 7pm in the library. We are looking for a few new members and it would be great to have a few more representatives from our junior classes so if you're interested please come along. We'd love to see you.

Hell's Pizza Lunch
Orders for the Hell's Pizza lunch have now closed. Thanks to those who supported the PTA with this initiative. We know the children are looking forward to their pizzas for lunch on Wednesday 29th August (next week).

Have a great week :)

Thursday, 16 August 2018

Friday Reminders

Friday is library day - please send library books back so the children can choose some new books for the weekend.

Friday is also Mainland Football group 11.45-12.30pm.

Maths Week with Rakaia River 9.15am - 10.30am
Our river group is celebrating maths week with a range of maths related activities across our learning spaces in Kohara, Ara Atu and Kahukura. Parents are welcome to come along and parent help - just meet us in the hall if you are keen.

Happy Friday :)

Pizza Orders Due Friday

Friday 17th is the last day to get your pizza orders in if you wish to order a Hells Pizza for lunch on Wednesday 29th August. Please send order forms and payment to the office - or see the office if you need a new form. $5 per pizza.


If you have any shopping flyers in your letter boxes tonight could you please bring them in for our Maths morning tomorrow.
Many thanks in advance.

Monday, 13 August 2018

Hells Pizza Notices

Notices for ordering Hells Pizza for lunch on Wednesday 29 August have gone hone with the Kohara children today. Please check school bags!!

All order forms are due back with $5 by this Friday 17th August.
Please note on the form if children are gluten free dairy free or vegetarian etc.

Parent Helpers for Friday

This week is Maths Week and we are celebrating maths in all forms!! On Friday 17th August this week we are having a Rakaia River Maths morning between 9.15-10.15 and would love some parent helpers to help out with board games, outdoor maths, maths in the home activities or maths related art. If you would like to help out please meet us in the hall just after the bell on Friday.

Many Thanks.

Sunday, 12 August 2018

Week 4 (13-17 August)

Welcome to Week 4 :)

Strike Day on Wednesday
As you will be aware the school is closed on Wednesday this week (15th August) due to the Strike Action.

Uniform Sale
The PTA are running a second hand uniform sale in the hall on Monday 13th August from 8.30-9.00am and again from 2.30-3.30pm. Payment is by way of donation. A great chance to stock up.

Hells Pizza Lunch
The PTA are offering a Hells Pizza lunch on Wednesday 29th August.
Order forms will go home this week and must be returned to the office by this Friday 17th August.
Gluten free and vegetarian options are available.

Classroom Release Time
Room 18 have PE with Mr Lukes on Monday morning following Monday Meet Up until 10.30am.
Room 19 children have their CRT time next week.

Miss Bell
We welcome Miss Bell back on Tuesday morning to work with a group of students for a reading lesson.

Mainland Football
Our football group will have their next session with Stephen Hoyle from Mainland Football on Friday at 11.45pm. Last week we had to have a talk with the group about being respectful and showing good manners to Steve as he is a visitor to our school, as a couple of children have been letting the group down. Any children who are not showing respect will miss out on attending the sessions - as we have  other children who would like to participate who were not able to be part of the group.

Library Day
Please return library books to the yellow container on the mat area before Friday's library session.

Craft club on Tuesday lunchtime 12.45pm in R22

Kapa Haka on Tuesday 1.30-2pm

PTA Meeting
Our next PTA meeting is Tuesday 21st August at 7pm in the library. A;; welcome - we'd love to see some new faces :)

Have a great week.

Sunday, 5 August 2018

Dustyn's Graduation

On Friday Kohara celebrated Dustyn's graduation from Rainbow Reading. We were so proud to hear about how hard he has worked on his reading with Mrs Stoddart and on the amount of progress he has made through his efforts. Great job Dustyn.

Whiteboard Art by Leo, Cailee, Jacob and Archie

Check out the creative artwork that Leo and Cailee, and Jacob and Archie drew on the whiteboards.
When you view their art - how does it make you feel? What does it remind you of? What can you see when you look closely?

Archie's Treasure Chest

Archie has been super busy in Kohara lately creating a treasure chest to keep all his special things inside. He even found a lock from home to bring along to make it super safe! It was so cool to see Archie's friends wanting to help him - it turned into quite the cooperative group effort. We bet you are having fun at home with it Archie!

Nova's Sherbet

Nova the Scientist decided to have a go at making sherbet to see how the ingredients reacted with each other to create the sour sherbet taste. She found out that the acid in the ingredients is what makes it taste like that. We love the face Nova made when eating it!!!

Lexi and Cecilia Bake Anzac Biscuits

We love how Lexi and Cecilia organised themselves for their baking project. The girls collaborated on choosing a recipe that they would both enjoy, and in bringing along their ingredients. We were impressed to find out that even having a little problem along the way didn't matter - they noticed their round biscuits melted on the tray and spread into each other making a large rectangle. So the girls decided to call it ANZAC slice and cut it into squares instead! They smelt delicious and the girls said they tasted crunchy and delicious!

Week 3 (6-10 August)

Welcome to Week 3 :)

Cupcake Day
On Monday 6 August we are raising money for the SPCA Cupcake Day. You may like to help by bringing along cupcakes for the school to sell before school or by purchasing cupcakes instead! Bring along some gold coins and help support the student council in their initiative.

Monday Meet Up
There will be a big birthday catch up for all children who have had birthdays either in the holidays or during the last two weeks or for those celebrating this week.

Classroom Release Time
Room 19 children only will have CRT this week. They will have Art with Mrs McHaffie on Tuesday afternoon from 1.30-3pm.

Poetry Folders & Reading Folders
Please encourage your child to return these before school, out from school bags and into the poetry boxes or reading folders go into tote trays. This saves valuable learning time for the children as it means we don't have to wait on them to go and locate them from their school bags. Thanks for your help with this.

The same applies for library books which can be returned anytime before Friday into our yellow library box. This has moved since our change around last week - you'll now find it under the teachers chair on the mat!

School Closed Next Wednesday 15th August
If anyone is having difficulty finding childcare for next Wednesday 15th August whilst the school is closed due to the upcoming teacher's strike, the Bryndwr After School Care programme which operates at the site across the road from school on Blighs Road is opening extended hours that day from 7am to 6pm. If you need a casual booking for the day, feel free to give Julie a ring to see if they have any available spaces left.

Thank You
A huge thank you to Simone (Tess's Mum) who has done a mammoth job of returning our pile of reading books. If anyone else can spare some time this week, we would appreciate your time to return the books over to the reading room.

Have a great week :)

Primary School Ski and Snowboard Races

Mt Cheeseman Ski Area is the venue for the Canterbury Primary and Intermediate Schools Ski and Snowboard Races, an event where teams representing their schools participate for both individual and team awards.
The minimum number to enter the Teams competition is four; if a school has fewer than four entrants, they can still enter, and will compete individually, but the school will not be entered in the team event (the same forms are to be completed, including the Team form).
For the first time, the 2018 Races will include a separate boardercross course for snowboarders. The boardercross is an individual only event and will not contribute to the Teams competition. 
The fun skiing event consists of a dual slalom course for children of all age groups from Year 1 to Year 8.  No previous ski-racing experience is necessary, merely sufficient skill to ride a T-bar Ski Lift and to ski groomed, easy slopes.  
There will be medals for individual performance, plus an overall team trophy for both primary and intermediate school teams.
The emphasis is on fun, and introducing children to the excitement of ski- and snowboard-racing.  Most of the children’s time will be spent skiing freely and enjoying other activities on the day.

Race Day:  Sunday August 19th 2018

Postponement day:  Sunday August 26th 2018

Entries close:  Friday August 10th 2018

Practice Day:  Sunday August 5th 2018

If you are interested, please let the class teachers know asap and we can forward you the registration details but please note that registrations close this Friday 10th August.

Thursday, 2 August 2018

Support the Crusaders

On Friday 3 August children may wear red and black if they wish to show their support for the Crusaders in their quest to win the finals this weekend.



Dear Parents and Caregivers,

The Board of Trustees can’t provide teaching for students during the upcoming strike

The NZEI has advised the Waimairi Board of Trustees that the principal and teachers at our school will be taking strike action from 7am to 7pm on Wednesday 15 August 2018. 

The Board has carefully considered the availability of teaching staff, and unfortunately decided that we can’t provide the normal teaching services during the strike. 

It’s important that you make alternative arrangements for the care of your child/children on the day of the strike.  Please contact the school office if you cannot make alternative arrangements for the day, and we will help work through options with you as the school will need to close during the strike period. 

Whilst we understand this is inconvenient for parents and students alike, the Board does fully support the teachers in their decision to strike and encourage our community to do the same.

Thank you for your understanding. Please contact me if you have any queries or concerns relating to this notice. 

Yours sincerely, 

Cory Bedford

Chair Board of Trustees