Thursday, 28 July 2016

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Welcome Back to Term 3

Welcome back to the start of Term 3. We hope you have all had a relaxing term break and the children have had a chance to rest and enjoy some downtime. We are looking forward to seeing everyone on Monday.

Monday Meet Up
Instead of our normal Monday meet up, we are meeting in the hall to kickstart our Science Term. See you all there! Our regular meet up will resume from Week 2.

This term we welcome two new students - Isabella and Imogen who are joining us in Kohara. We hope they enjoy being part of our fabulous Waimairi School community and we're sure you'll all help make them feel welcome.

Classroom Release
Room 18 have PE with Mr Lukes on Thursday from 9-10.30am.
Room 19 have Art with Mrs McHaffie on Thursday from 9-10.30am.

Can all children please ensure they have their named reading folder at school each day.

Library day is Friday. Remember books can be returned to our class library containers anytime during the week.

Kapa Haka
Junior Kapa Haka is on Friday.

PTA Meeting
If you've being waiting for just the right time to come along and join the PTA, then don't miss our meeting this Tuesday 26 July. Come on down to the school library at 7.30pm and join our fabulously fun and friendly PTA group.

Pizza and Pie Fundraiser
For those who ordered pizza and pies - collection date is Thursday 4th August (after school).

Foodwrap Fundraiser
There is no set delivery date but these will be sent home with children once they arrive.

Blog Updates
If you'd like to receive our blog updates via email - just enter your email address in the subscribe box on the right hand side of our blog. Simple to do and it means you get all our notices and blog posts emailed to you each day, saving you the time of having to log in to the blog :)

Here's wishing you all a fabulous term.

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Reading and Library Books

Please keep the reading and library book returns coming. We would like to have all reading books re-shelved by the end of the week. Library day Friday - children will be able to get books out for over the holidays.

A big thank you to Mandy for helping us this week with returning books. If anyone else has a few spare minutes during the week, please feel free to grab a pile out of the grey container. There's plenty of books to go around :)

Pizza, Pie, Foodwrap Orders Close Wednesday

Wednesday is the last day for pizza, pie and food wrap orders. Make sure you have your orders in to the office by 3pm :)

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Week 10 (4-8 July)

Wow hasn't this term flown by! It's been crazy busy - the children will be looking forward to recharging their batteries over the holidays!

Can ALL reading books please be returned this week so they can be reshelved before the holidays.

We are not running our normal reading programme this week so the children will not be bringing home a book to read at night. Instead you could enjoy sharing some favourites off the book shelf, check out/play a literacy game off the blog, practice how many words you can write in 10 minutes (try to include all the small words e.g. I, am, is, to, the... as well as rhyming words at, cat, hat, sat, etc and words which start the same but have different endings e.g. play, plays, played, playing), visit the public library, practise your handwriting or write a letter or email to someone.

This week Mrs Campbell has release time as part of our Teacher Maths Inquiry Project that we are part of, so you may see a few other relieving teachers popping in and out this week.

Library day as usual on Friday. Please have books at school ready to be returned on Friday. A number of children have overdue books - it would be great if we could have these back.

PTA Fundraiser
Orders close this Wednesday 6 July for the pizza, pie and foodwrap fundraiser. Payment can be made to the office. Make sure to shoulder tap a few friends and other family members for their orders!

Thank You!
A heartfelt thank you to all our wonderful Kohara parents who have given up their time this term to parent help, shelve our reading books each week, or who have donated craft items or puzzles and games. We certainly do appreciate your help and support so once again thank you from us both as well as on behalf of the Kohara kids!

End of Term
School finishes at 3pm on Friday and starts back for Term 3 on Monday 25 July.
Have a safe and happy holiday.


Just up watching What Now....who do you think I saw? Johnny, Brock, Ruby, Bela, Amelia, Lily, Charlotte, Grace and Kingston in a gorgeous bubble bee jersey. It was hard to see everyone there as I'm pretty sure most of you were covered in sticky stuff (not sure what you call it but wish we had some at school!). I think this week we need to write some postcards....learn our mihi...there were lots of good ideas on What Now! Hope you all had a great time.