Sunday, 24 June 2018

Week 9 (25-29 June)

Welcome to Week 9 :)

Union Meeting
This Tuesday 26th June, staff will be attending a union meeting in the afternoon. Where possible, we would appreciate children being picked up from school by 12.30pm. There will be a small number of staff remaining at school to supervise any children who are unable to be collected early - please let Monique or Tracy know if your child needs supervision for the afternoon. After School Care will also be opening at the earlier time of 12.30pm.

Miss Bell
Miss Bell finishes her teaching placement with us on Friday this week. However she will be back for a further four week placement in Kohara in October/November.

Lost Property
We are continuing to accumulate a lot of unnamed clothing, particularly jackets and sweatshirts. Please ensure all items are well named as this helps with returning clothes to the right people.

Kapa Haka on Tuesday

Library on Friday

Craft Club on Tuesday lunchtime, 12.45pm in Room 22.

Reading Book Returns
We would love a parent helper to sort and return this week's reading books back into the reading room. Please let us know if you can help.

Does anyone have any contacts for any artists? We are looking for artists (any medium) to kickstart our Arts term after the holiday and looking for artists who might be able to showcase their work in action here at school.

Next week on Wednesday 4 July is our Matariki celebrations and hangi. Details of this were sent out electronically by email along with last week's newsletter. We hope you ca join us from 7.15am on the school field for our welcome followed by breakfast, guest speaker Ian Taylor, and then for our hangi at lunchtime. After lunch you are welcome to visit classrooms to view our Science learning.

Have a great week.


As part of our science learning we are making a bee. We urgently need newspaper for tomorrow (Monday) to continue to paper mache this bee. Please please bring any newspaper you have at home.
Many thanks

Friday, 22 June 2018

Lost property

These items are unnamed lost property in Kohara. Please get children to claim them if they belong to them otherwise they will head over to the lost property box in the hall next week.

The jacket pictured is actually a dark blue colour - no name on the label.

Thursday, 21 June 2018

Pokemon Cards

We have banned pokemon cards in the classroom as they are disrupting learning and becoming a nuisance. We suggest these stay at home. If children have them to use at morning tea and lunchtime it is at their own risk.

Missing Pokemon Cards

Dustyn has lost his blue box containing pokemon cards. He thinks it was in his bag but is unable to locate it. Could children please check their school bags in case they have ended up with them by mistake.

Sunday, 17 June 2018

Week 8 (18-22 June)

Welcome to Week 8 :)

This week we welcome Miss Amanda Bell, who joins us on a two week teaching placement from the University of Canterbury. Miss Bell will also have a further four week placement back with us later in the year.

Classroom Release Time
Room 19 have Pe with Mr Lukes on Monday morning from 9-10.30am (after Monday meet up).  Room 18 children have Art with Mrs McHaffie on Tuesday morning from 9-10.30am.

Court Theatre
On Wednesday we will be attending a performance by the Court Theatre at school. A contribution of $5 will be added to your school account for this.

We have a growing pile of reading books and we would love a few helpers to return these to the reading room for us - if you can help with this we would be most grateful! They are on the back bench in Room 18 in the blue container.

School Disco
This Friday is the school disco. The juniors (year 0-3) is from 5.30-6.30pm and the seniors (year 3-6) is from 6.45-7.45pm. $2 entry and glow products will also be on sale. The theme is Wacky Hair - with a prize for the wackiest!

PTA Meeting
This Tuesday 19th June the PTA meet at 7pm in the school library. We would love to see some new faces - so why not pop along and see what we are all about. Even better bring a friend or two :)

Teachers Union Meeting
A reminder that next week on Tuesday 26th June the teachers have a union meeting in the afternoon. We would appreciate it if you could please collect your child at 12.30pm however if you are unable to, there will be a small number of staff on site to supervise these children. Please let Monique or Tracy know if you are unable to collect your child.

Lost Property
There is quite a bit of lost property floating around that is not named. This means we are unable to return it to it's rightful owner. Please ensure all items of jerseys and rain jackets are well named as this makes it much easier to return. Items that are unnamed will be sent to the lost property box in the hall. Please also check that any second hand items have the new owner's name written on it and the old owner's name crossed out. This helps avoid any confusion.

Have a great week :)

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Change of CRT Time

Room 18 children will now have Art with Mrs McHaffie on Thursday instead of Wednesday this week.

Due to Mrs O being at a planning day on Thursday this week, the Room 19 children will have two sessions with Mr Lukes for PE next week instead. Hopefully the weather will have improved by then also.

Lucia's Welcome Sign

We love this beautiful, coloured welcome sign that Lucia made using canvas and wood to welcome people to our classroom. It is decorated with beads which took Lucia a long time to glue on as it was a delicate job.

In Term 1 we were learning about creating a welcoming vibe in Kohara and we think Lucia's sign will definitely make people feel welcome when they visit us. At the moment it is on display on our trophy cabinet but Lucia is thinking hard about where would be a good place to put it. Be sure to check it out next time you are in Kohara - and have a sneaky look on the other side which is just as colourful as Lucia has decorated the other side with gorgeous painted handprints.

Nova's Moana Boat

Nova was inspired by her friend Izzy who was also making a Moana boat from the movie Moana. Nova was able to use a picture to help her recreate the details of the boat. It has sails, ropes and lots of room to sit on and sail around the world! If you look closely you can even see the interesting design on the side of the mast - it looks just like the real thing!

Masterchefs Elliot, Archie, Monty and Riley

Today Elliot, Archie, Monty and Riley combined their baking project ideas to make a chocolate cake together. They had to follow a recipe and do lots of measuring and mixing. Some of their highlights were cracking the eggs, mixing the ingredients and decorating it with chocolate icing and sprinkles!

They had to use more maths at the end to work out how they would share it. Since there were 4 children they decided that they couldn't cut it in half but that they would have to cut it into quarters which means 4 equal pieces. Each got one quarter to take home and enjoy.

Enjoy your cake boys - it looks pretty tasty.

Atlas Makes a Slingshot

Check out Atlas and his finished slingshot. This project has been in the pipeline for quite a while and it is great to see Atlas persevering and getting it completed. Atlas has used elastic as he thought it would stretch far enough to make the slingshot fire the pom pom. When the weather improves Atlas is going to take his slingshot outside and measure how far he can make the pom pom go using his slingshot.

How far do you estimate it could go?
Would you measure it in centimetres, metres, or maybe kilometres?
Would it go further if he used something different instead of the pom pom?

We can't wait to see it in action Atlas.

Union Meeting Tuesday 26th June

On Tuesday the 26th June, many of our staff will be attending a union meeting and will be away from school for the afternoon. If possible, we ask that you please collect your child at lunchtime on that day however there will be a small number of staff available to look after those who cannot be picked up at 12.30pm.

Please let us know if you are able/unable to collect your child at lunchtime on Tuesday 26th June.

Many Thanks.

Monday, 11 June 2018

No Recorder on Tuesday

No recorder on Tuesday (12 June) as the music teacher is unwell.

Sunday, 10 June 2018

Week 7 (11-15 June)

Welcome to Week 7 :)

Classroom Release Time
Room 18 children have Art with Mrs McHaffie on Wednesday 9-10.30am.

Planning Day
On Thursday Mrs O is involved in a planning day for our upcoming Arts term so Mrs Kate Burridge will be relieving in Kohara for the day.

Upcoming Events
Junior Disco on Friday 22 June 5.30-6.30pm for Year 0-3 children. $2 entry. Glow products will also be on sale on the day.

Kapa Haka
Our Junior Kapa Haka is on Tuesday afternoon 1.30-2pm.

We are continuing to have a number of children still away with the chicken pox as well as coughs and colds. Thank you for keeping your children home when they are unwell to reduce the spread of illness.

Library day is Friday. Books from last week can be returned at any stage to our yellow library containers in the middle space of Kohara.

Have great week :)

Thursday, 7 June 2018

A Visit from a Bee Lady.

On Wednesday Mrs Helen English from the  Beekeepers Association visited Kohara. She shared lots of interesting information about bees. The children learnt the difference between bees and wasps. Helen showed them the outfit and equipment that are needed when you tend to bees and a few lucky ones got to wear a part of the bee keepers suit. She bought for us a nuc, which is a small honey bee hive, without the bees luckily. However, she  did bring honeycombs at different stages of development. The best bit......getting to try the honey of course!

Tuesday, 5 June 2018


Mr Nicholas Williams will be relieving in Kohara on Wednesday as Mrs O's son is unwell.

Monday, 4 June 2018

Archie and Jacob's Shape Pattern

Check out another detailed shape pattern - great teamwork Archie and Jacob!
What does it remind you of?

Harry, Arlo and Fletcher - Animal Experts

Harry, Arlo and Fletcher have been learning about animals of the rainforest as part of their reading group. They made wonderful posters with interesting facts, sketches and pictures about three different animals that you would find in a rainforest. We found out that rainforests are not like ordinary forests in the rain... but that they are rather special places.

Thank you Harry, Arlo and Fletcher for sharing your knowledge with us.

A Mermaid in the Sandpit

What a surprise on duty last week to come across a real live mermaid in our junior sandpit! This mermaid was having such a great time with her friends - I think the smiles say it all.

Caleb's Woodwork Skills

Caleb has been busy working on the woodwork table to add some details to his wooden sign that is part of his project. Hmmmm we wonder what the sign is going on? We can't wait to see the final project once it's completed!

Theo the Mathematician

Theo was busy growing his brain and practising his maths. What a great way to work on your adding and practise writing your numbers Theo. What a star!

Week 6 (5-8 June)

Welcome to Week 6 :)
Hope you are all enjoying your long weekend and keeping warm.

Pyjama Day
This Tuesday is Pyjama Day at school (5 June). We are supporting Maisie from Pounamu who is having her hair cut off to donate to the Cancer Society to be made into a wig. The children are welcome to come along in their pyjamas or onesies (or just in mufti), bring along a gold coin to donate to the Cancer Society and watch Maisie's haircut at Meet Up in the hall on Tuesday morning.

Tony Ryan Seminar for Parents
This Wednesday 6 June from 4-6pm come along to the school hall and hear Tony Ryan speak about the future of education. No charge. Tony is a well known author who will be exploring possible scenarios for tomorrow's teaching environments and the future preparing actions we can take today.

Mrs O is away on leave on Friday afternoon so the Room 19 children will be split over our junior classes. We will let the children know which room they will be in on Friday morning.

Winter Weather
With the winter weather upon us, please ensure your child has a well named weatherproof jacket at school every day. It is also a good time to check that all sweatshirts and jerseys are well named too please.

Please return library books to our yellow library containers before Friday.

Reading Folders
We are contiuing to encourage children to have their reading folders at school every day. These should be put in their tote trays before school each morning. A large number of children are still not bringing them to school (or getting them out of their school bags).

Buddy Readers
Last month we were lucky enough to have a number of Ara Atu students come in and buddy read with a group of our Kohara children each day. This month we have a new group of keen buddy readers coming in to help read with a different group of students. It is so lovely to see our old Kohara children coming back to share their enjoyment of reading with us.

Connect Waimairi Social Outing
Social get together on Wednesday 6 June 2-3pm by the 4 Rivers Cafe at school.
Evening Catch up Thursday 7 June 7.30-9.30pm at Elmwood Trading Company, Normans Road.

For those interested in finding out more about Connect Waimairi, Classroom Connectors or anyone who would just like to meet and socialise with other Waimairi parents and caregivers. All welcome.

Thank You
A huge thank you to our three Kohara parents - Vincent, Hilary and Abby who gave up their time on Sunday morning to help Mrs O and the PTA out at the drinks station at the Christchurch Marathon. Your time and enthusiasm was greatly appreciated so thank you so much for helping out.

Reading Book Returns
A big thank you also to our lovely Kohara parents who have been helping out with putting our reading books away each week. If you are able to assist with this, please let us know (or feel free to grab a pile of books to put away if you have a few spare minutes before or after school drop off).

A reminder that toys are not to be brought to school please. We are still having to remind children about soft toys and lego figures that keep turning up in class. We appreciate your help in supporting us with this.

Have a great week :)