Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Khori the Dancer

It is always lovely to work alongside our friends in Kahukura who are part of our Rakaia River Team. Last week Khori got to work with her cousin Larrisa during their Discovery Time to learn a dance which they performed for both our class groups. It was great to see their cool dance moves, great timing and the enthusiasm of the audience. Great team work Khori - and a great way to practise interacting with others in new settings!


Thanks so much to all the parents and whanau who were able to come along to school to support our children at athletics and the triathlon. We hope you enjoyed seeing your children in action - they were certainly all buzzing with excitement.

It was wonderful to see children trying something new, stepping out of their comfort zones and conquering their nerves. We were so proud of them. We bet there were some very tired children afterwards.

Our next event is our Friday (1 December) Health & PE sharing at 2pm in the hall for those who are free to pop along and join us.

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Friday Inquiry Sharing

Hopefully the notices made it out of the school bags and into your hands!

We would like to invite you to come along to the hall on Friday afternoon at 2pm (1 December) where the junior classes will share some of the Health & PE learning that our children have been doing over the last 7 weeks with our focus on 'How I Can Make My Interactions With Others Better'. 

We look forward to sharing this learning with you if you can make it.


Mrs Campbell is being released on Wednesday and Thursday afternoon this week - Mrs Lynda Wilson will be relieving on Wednesday afternoon and Ms Jill Kelk on Thursday afternoon.

Library Books

All library books are due back by this Friday at the latest - please start sending library books back to class before then.

Also we would love any reading books returned as well please  - these go in the grey container at the front of the class by the stage. If anyone has any spare time over the next week we would really appreciate some help with sorting books and/or returning them to the book room.

Many Thanks.

Wednesday is Athletics and Triathlon Day!

Fingers crossed for sunshine on Wednesday (29 November) for our junior athletics and triathlon day.

A reminder that junior children are to wear sports mufti but must still have a sunhat.

Please pack a drink bottle.

You're welcome to join us for a picnic at lunchtime and the coffee shop will be open until 1.30pm tomorrow - Julie would love to see you at the 4 Rivers cafe!!

Athletics rotations start from 11am on the back field until 12.30pm.

The children will be back in class at 1.30pm for the class roll and to get organised for the triathlon (changing etc) and then the triathlon will kick off from 2pm out on the back field near He Tangata.

Children in the triathlon remember your scooter or bike, named helmet and swimming togs/towel in a named bag.

Please let class teachers know if you are taking children home early.

We are looking forward to a great day - hope to see you there if you can make it :)

Monday, 27 November 2017

Week 7 (27 Nov-1 Dec)

Welcome to Week 7 :)

Our swimming days are Monday, Tuesday and Friday.

Junior Athletics and Triathlon
Junior Athletics is on this Wednesday 29 November starting at 11am. Children to wear sports mufti and if possible a t-shirt in the colour of their team. This will take place on the back field with class groups rotating around different activities.

After lunch the triathlon is on for those who have returned their notice to say they are participating. Those not doing it, will watch the others at the station where their teacher is based. Children taking part must have a bike helmet for this event (for scooters and bikes). Remember to send the bike or scooter, helmet and togs along on this day.

Classroom Release Time
The children will have CRT on Thursday afternoon - Room 18 have Art with Mrs McHaffie and Room 19 have PE with Mr Lukes.

Health & PE
On Friday afternoon we invite you to come along to school in the afternoon and find out more about what the children have been doing over the term for our Health & PE inquiry. We will send out more details soon.

No chess club Monday.

Thanks to those who are ensuring that children have these at school every day.

Have a great week :)


Just to let you know that we have had a case of chicken pox in Kohara in case any of the children come out in spots over the next week or so. Children are contagious until the last spots have crusted/scabbed over. This can be between 5-10 days.

Sunday, 26 November 2017

Swimming Monday

Please send togs on Monday for class swimming. 

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Music Lessons in 2018

There is a form attached to this week's email/newsletter for those children who wish to learn an instrument next year. These need to be filled in and returned by Friday 8 December - either by paper copy or via the online link on the notice.

Reminder Wacky Hair Day Friday

A reminder that Friday is wacky hair day (not mufti). Please bring a gold coin donation - proceeds going to Sudan.

If you need some help with creating a wacky hair do - there will be senior children available in the morning to help out at a hair station with hair chalk!

Some ideas:
* hair chalk, coloured hair spray
* ribbons, clips
* spikes hair
* multiple plaits or buns
* clip in a  Christmas decoration or toy

NO Swimming Friday

On Friday we are having an early lunch due to the showtime performance in the afternoon so Kohara will miss their swimming time. So no swimming Friday but next week we will be swimming on Monday, Tuesday and Friday.

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Miss T's Last Day

We were really sad to say goodbye to Miss T last week but we enjoyed celebrating her last day. Hannah and Dustyn presented her with a bunch of flowers and a beautiful card that had all our smiley faces on it - she will be able to look at it and remember her time with us in Kohara.

Dustyn's Diorama

Dustyn worked really hard on his diorama. We love the details he included inside like a boat, sea, and volcanoes in the background. Dustyn was also inspired by Gemma's art sculpture which gave him the idea for the straw up the top. You can blow through it and that creates the wind which will help the boat sail. Great thinking Dustyn.

Gardening Fun

A big thank you to our wonderful PTA who have donated Kohara money to purchase things for gardening projects. We have brought some new spades and trowels, plants, seed containers, potting mix and hanging baskets. We have a great idea to make our walkway look beautiful by hanging our baskets along the walkway and we are going to ask Darren if he can put some nails in for us to hang them on.

We even had to use maths to work out what a quarter of our plants would be so that we could share them equally among the four baskets... we had 12 plants in each pack so we worked out that half of them would be 6. Then we halved that again to get 3 in each quarter.

Our next project is to plant some bean seeds that Lachie's mum has donated to us. We can't wait to watch our plants grow over the next few weeks.

Awatea, Isaac, Oli and Lucy

Vihaan, Fraya, Addison and Alex
Jack, Matthew, Rosalie and Bella

Siale-Maia, Luca, Luka and Harry (not pictured)

Bolt and Squirtle Have a Swimming Lesson

Today Bolt and Squirtle had their first swimming lesson for the season. Today was about showing the teachers what they could do in the pool. They were a bit nervous at first but they showed they were willing to have a go with a board and a noodle down the side of the pool.

Kohara also got to show off their swimming skills today - many of our children have had lessons since Term 1 and it was great to see everyone getting in and practising their skills. Bolt and Squirtle also enjoyed watching Kohara.

Our next swimming day is Friday.

Health & PE Learning

There has been lots of positive interactions with others during our junior Health and PE rotations. Sometimes it is hard to work with people you don't know but we are having fun getting to know new people while trying out new activities. Here is a few photos of some of our learning activities - poi,  elastics and rob the nest.

Oscar, Bella, Sophie, Vihaan and Lucy learning how to play elastics with their new friends.

Rosalie, Mylo and Zora learning poi.

 Taylor, Jack, David, Lucia, Ella, and Awatea showing teamwork in Rob the Nest.

Luca the Bag Designer

Gosh, we have some some fabulous sewing projects being created at the moment. Luca designed this wonderful bag with colourful details and it is just perfect for keeping her science things in it at home. We like how Luca had a purpose for her design and knew what she wanted to use it for. That helped her think about the size and shape of her bag. Luca said the hardest part was getting the handles sewed on because the straps were quite skinny. What a fabulous effort Luca - your sewing skills have grown so much over the year. Just look at what you are creating now!

Lucia and Anika's Flower Chains

Lucia found a craft idea she hadn't tried before in a library book. It involved making layers of tissue paper using glue to stick them together, before adding glitter on to the top layer. Lucia found she had to use a layer of glad wrap under the bottom layer so that it didn't stick to the table or the box lid she was making it in. Then Lucia made a flower template out of cardboard and used this to trace flower shapes. She cut them out and joined them onto wool to create a flower chain.

Next Lucia taught Anika how to make one. Teaching someone else how to do something is a great way to show extended abstract thinking (higher level thinking) as Lucia had to recount the instructions in sequence and explain each step in detail.

Now Lucia and Anika have a gorgeous decoration - it will brighten up any room! You can check them out in Kohara on the wall above our trophy cabinet.

Rosalie the Fashion Designer

Kohara's Next Top Model presents... Rosalie!

Look at this gorgeous skirt that Rosalie designed and sewed by herself. It fits beautifully and we love how Rosalie used her maths skills to measure the fit. Rosalie has added some lovely design details on the front to make it more interesting.

I wonder if Rosalie might open her own clothes shop one day in the future?

Ella the Clothes Designer

Here is Ella with her fashion designs modelled by Rosalie. Ella put a lot of thought into her clothing designs and had a clear idea about what she wanted to make. She had a few problems with getting the top to attach so we called on Jen (Mylo's mum) who is also a fashion designer! They worked together to add some special clasps which make getting it on and off much easier. Next Ella added a skirt.

Ella we are really proud of how you showed perseverance and enthusiasm even when it got tricky. You didn't give up and we admire you for that!

Zora, Hannah and Addison's Chalk Salt

Zora, Hannah and Addison tried out a new idea - making chalk salt. They were inspired to try it out from an idea they found in a library book.

First the girls had to bring a jar along and then they poured salt in a tray before rubbing different coloured chalk onto the salt. The rough texture of the salt rubbed the colour off the chalk and then the salt turned into different colours.

To make the rainbow effect, the girls did different layers of colours by pouring them into the jar carefully. They finished them off with ribbons to create interesting decorations for their bedrooms or even for a gift!

Bella's Diorama

Bella has been working hard on her diorama. Look carefully and you can see Bella wearing her beautiful tutu dancing on a stage. Bella has showed lots of perseverance and has thought of lots of details for the background. What a quality project Bella.

Shiva the YouTube Star

Sneha and Shiva have started their own youtube channel. Here is one of their videos for you to enjoy. If you want to watch more of Shiva then search 'Sneha and Shiva Show' on youtube and click on the links.

Click on the link below to watch Shiva with Santa.
Sneha and Shiva Show

Monday, 20 November 2017

Change of Reliever for Wednesday

On Wednesday we will now have Jill Kelk and Lynda Wilson relieving in Kohara.


Please ensure your child has a sunhat at school. We were outside for an hour and a half on Monday practising our junior athletics and a large number of Kohara children did not have a sunhat to wear. We are outside frequently throughout each day so please check your child has their hat at school to keep them sun safe.

Thanks also to those parents who have checked the cords on their child's sunhats and have cut off the straps of the ones without a quick release catch if needed. We appreciate your assistance with this :)

Wacky Hair Day on Friday

This Friday Ruby from Kahukura has organised for the school to have a Wacky Hair Day to help raise funds for children in Sudan. Children are encouraged to come to school with wacky hair and to bring a gold coin donation.

The senior students will also be running a dazzling hair station before school on Friday and will be available to help bedazzle your child's hair if needed!

Swimming on Tuesday

The weather was not the warmest for swimming on Monday (and not many of us had togs given that it was shot notice) so we are hoping the weather will be suitable for a swim on Tuesday.

Please send togs along even if the weather looks cooler as our swim is a bit later in the day.

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Extra Monday Swimming Slot

We have managed to book an additional swimming time for Kohara on a Monday morning so if enough children have their togs on Monday (20th November) we will take them over for a swim.

That means our class swimming days will now be Monday, Tuesday and Friday each week 😀

Week 6 (20-24 November)

Welcome to Week 6 :)

On Wednesday we are out of the classroom on release with the teachers from our River group. Jill Kelk and Julian Dent will be relieving in Kohara for the day.

Athletics Practices
The children will be having athletics practices on Monday and Wednesday this week - please ensure children have sunhats and suitable shoes for running and jumping.

Great to see all the participation slips coming back to school with so many Kohara children prepared to have a go. Please have slips back by Friday if your child wishes to take part.
All children must have a bike helmet on the day whether biking or scootering - please hunt these out between now and next week and make sure they are well named (along with the scooters and bikes too).

Our class swimming days are Monday, Tuesdays and Fridays. Please ensure children have their togs on these days. If your child is unable to swim due to medical reasons, please let us know. Please also name all items of clothing - it is amazing how many uniforms get muddled during changing times! Monday is now an additional swimming time as we managed to book an extra time slot (this was not on the notice sent home last week).

Showtime Performance
The school will have the chance to watch the Showtime Performance on Friday afternoon.

Health & PE 
This week we have our Health & PE rotations on Thursday afternoon and Friday morning.

Our normal classroom programme will be changing slightly over the next few weeks to accommodate a number of other learning activities so please be aware that reading books may not be coming home every night. Please enjoy reading family favourites or library books instead.

This is our last week for issuing library books.
All books are to be returned to school by Friday 1 December.

PTA Meeting
Our next PTA meeting is this Tuesday 21 November at 7.30pm in the library. If you're interested in finding out more about what we do, we'd love you to see you there.

PTA fundraiser
A reminder that orders for eco bags and dish cloths close this week on Wednesday 22 November.

Pool Keys
The pool is now open and for $75 (including a $20 bond) you can purchase a pool key to use over the summer season (through to April next year). This price includes 2  duties of putting the pool cover on at 8pm and checking the area has been left tidy - you can choose the dates that suit you. The pool is available for use after 4pm on school days and during the weekends and holidays.

Have a great week :)

Alex and Gemma's Edible Mice

Alex and Gemma found a fun recipe for making edible mice out of strawberries. They tweaked the recipe slightly to include things they loved to eat and the verdict was that they tasted delicious! They are now using their experience to write instructions so they will soon be able to share exactly how to make them...

Ale and Gemma have not done a project together before so this was a great chance to get to work with someone new (and practice interacting in a new setting which is also our Health & PE focus this term). There was lots of interesting discussions, including problem solving the best way to attach the tails and the ears. Alex and Gemma also had to follow instructions from the recipe and use maths to count out the right number of ingredients and pieces so that they had enough to make 4 mice each.

Kohara Musicians

Last Wednesday evening quite a few of our Kohara children were involved in the school Music Hour showcasing their musical talents with friends and family. A huge congratulations to Louis (piano), Ella and Bella (singing), Hannah, Khori, Shiva, Sam, and Luca (ukulele) - we thought you were all very brave getting up on stage in front of all those people. You all sounded fabulous.

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Farewell Miss T

Update: Wednesday 15th is Miss T's last day with us (not Thursday this week) just in case you wanted to pop in and say goodbye and good luck at the end of the day.

Sunday, 12 November 2017

Week 5 (13-16 November)

Welcome to Week 5 :)

Welcome to Jill Kelk on Monday. Tracy is away sick.
Staff Maths Inquiry Project: On Tuesday Jill Kelk is relieving for Tracy in the afternoon, and on Thursday afternoon Jill Kelk and Lynda Wilson are relieving.

Farewell to Miss T
This Thursday 16 November is Miss T's final day with us. Those last seven weeks have flown by and we have loved having Lisa as part of the teaching team in Kohara. A huge thank you to Lisa for all her efforts with planning and teaching the children - we are going to miss her!

Uniform Sale
The PTA are holding a uniform sale on Monday 13 November before school, and again at the end of the day (2.30-3pm). Payment is by way of donation.

Classroom Release Time
Room 18 have Art with Mrs McHaffie and Room 19 have PE with Mr Lukes on Tuesday 9-10.30am.

Health & PE Rotations
This week our junior Health & PE activity groups will take place on Tuesday and Wednesday.
There will be no reading on Tuesday due to CRT as well as Health/PE rotations and Kapa Haka.

Canterbury Anniversary Day
No school on Friday 17 November due to Canterbury Anniversary Day. Enjoy the long weekend.

This week will be the last week for individual weekly spelling words. Please also revise your cild's previous list words as we will be re-testing the Essential List words over the last few weeks of the term.

A reminder to please check that sunhats without the quick release safety catch must have the cords cut off for safety. Those with the new quick release catches are fine as they are :)

The school pool opens from Show Weekend. Class swimming will be starting up from next week, weather permitting. We will advise soon as to our class scheduled swimming days.

Junior Athletics and Triathlon
Your child should have brought home a notice on Friday with the information about our upcoming Junior Athletics and Triathlon on Wednesday 29 November (although we did find several left lying outside on the ground!)

Athletics is from 11-12.30pm at school on the field followed by a community picnic lunch (coffee shop will be open).

The triathlon is an optional event in the afternoon on the same day - permission slips need to be sent back to school if your child would like to take part in this. Any questions, please just ask :)

The next PTA meeting is coming up n Tuesday 21st November at 7.30pm in the school library. This is our last meeting for the year and we'd love to see you. If you're curious about what we do or would just like to lend a hand and support the crew with our fundraising and social events over the year please feel free to come along and join us.

A huge thanks to the PTA for organising the recent movie night screening of Bad Moms. It was so lovely to see so many Kohara mums enjoying a few laughs and a great movie.

The PTA are also selling the ECO fruit and vege bags and dishcloths. These would make great stocking stuffers for Christmas. The oldest in the family should have had information about these. If you are interested there is also information pinned on our classroom door.

No Touch Rugby on Tuesday
No Touch rugby this week due to Cup Day. Touch will resume as normal the following week.

Have a great week :)

Friday, 10 November 2017

Hat Cords

Today we did a check of sunhats. There is information in this week's newsletter about this. Any hats that do not have a quick release catch on it must have the cords cut off please. This is in the event of any children getting stuck on playground equipment, trees etc.

Any questions, please just ask.

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Health & PE Change of Days

The juniors will run their Health & PE groups on Thursday afternoon and Friday morning this week instead of the Wednesday/Thursday previously planned.

Ice Blocks Galore!

Maybe it's all the recent sunshine we have had, as in Kohara the children can't get enough of making ice blocks. Perhaps they were inspired by Addison, Zora and Sophie?

Making ice blocks is a great way to learn about temperature and time (maths). We have found out that leaving our ice blocks overnight in the freezer is best as otherwise they do not set hard enough. We also get to observe the changes from a liquid to a solid, just like a scientist! The children have also enjoyed experimenting with a variety of flavours - tasting them is equally important!

Dustyn, Sam, Luka and Jack ready to put their ice blocks in the freezer.

Taste testers!

Getting the mixture just right!

Some lemon juice for extra flavour.

Lucia, Anika, Gabriel and Oscar ready to try them out. They look delicious!