Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Gardening Fun

A big thank you to our wonderful PTA who have donated Kohara money to purchase things for gardening projects. We have brought some new spades and trowels, plants, seed containers, potting mix and hanging baskets. We have a great idea to make our walkway look beautiful by hanging our baskets along the walkway and we are going to ask Darren if he can put some nails in for us to hang them on.

We even had to use maths to work out what a quarter of our plants would be so that we could share them equally among the four baskets... we had 12 plants in each pack so we worked out that half of them would be 6. Then we halved that again to get 3 in each quarter.

Our next project is to plant some bean seeds that Lachie's mum has donated to us. We can't wait to watch our plants grow over the next few weeks.

Awatea, Isaac, Oli and Lucy

Vihaan, Fraya, Addison and Alex
Jack, Matthew, Rosalie and Bella

Siale-Maia, Luca, Luka and Harry (not pictured)

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