Thursday, 2 November 2017

Jam Sandwiches

Miss T has been having lots of fun with her writing groups. They have been learning about how to write instructions, using specific language in sequence.

The Splendid Storytellers group (Jonty, Awatea, Vihaan, Gemma, Shiva, Louis, Blake) brainstormed how to make sandwiches and we discovered that some of the children were confused between toast and sandwiches so we compared the two to find out the similarities and differences.

Then the children had a go at making their own sandwiches. There was some fabulous language being used as the children discussed the process - buttering to the edges, spreading the jam, folding bread or cutting the sandwiches in half equally. We love how maths is involved in so many things we do!

Next the group are going to write their instructions in sequence so that others can follow them to make their own. What would you choose to put in your sandwich? Mrs O likes chicken and avocado. What is your favourite?

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